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Christianity-based Education of Meiji Gakuin University

Under its educational principle of “Do for Others,” the Meiji Gakuin University has continuously observed its founding philosophy of building character through Christianity-based education.

The fundamental objectives of a university are obviously “academic research” (research) and “teaching of academic research findings” (education), and they are of course different from the goal of religious organizations, which is to help individuals find salvation.

Although Meiji Gakuin University is a private university with a unique founding philosophy, it is also an official research and education institution operating under the School Education Act. It offers education in areas of letters, economics, sociology and social work, law, international studies, psychology, and liberal arts. With goals of securing highly qualified faculty members who specialize in their respective academic discipline and of advancing achievements in research, the university runs faculty meetings for each course of study and the Meiji Gakuin University Center of Liberal Arts Faculty Meeting. For the researchers, the university’s research environment is attractive, as it guarantees a year of rest promised by the Old Testament—that is, a year-long sabbatical leave every seven years.

In response to the informational advancement and globalization of recent years, active debates have been taking place over the topic of education. Universities must fulfill its responsibilities by striving to meet international standards and disclosing the fruits of its research and education. It is also a fact that, in line with the advancement of science, technology and organizations, there is demand for universities to establish a professional graduate school that offers teachings of advanced expertise.

At the same time, regardless of how advanced and specialized the fields of academics have become, a university must remain a place in which individual faculty members teach about research findings to individual students. Such teachings cannot be effectively communicated unless they are offered through “human” relationships in which faculty members and students mutually respect each other as individuals who possess unique personalities. This is where the significance of the education principle of Meiji Gakuin University, “Do for Others,” exists, and where its founding philosophy—that is, the solid basis for Christianity-based character-building education that promises this principle—is found.

The faculty at Meiji Gakuin University works to promote Christianity-based character-building education not only through its regular curricula offered in each specialized area of study and Center of Liberal Arts, but also pours its efforts into running the Volunteer Center, Center for International Cooperation in Education and Career Center, in order to provide support for the students’ personal growth.