Report on the Field Study A in Hawai'i

Report from Professor : Makiko Omura 

Kilauea Volcano at the back

The Fourth Field Study A in Hawai'i

This was the fourth Field Study A in Hawai'i to study the "Environmental Issues in Hawai'i." Just like last year, we had a small group this year with 7 students. We have stayed in a different location this time, on the west-end of Waikiki beach. The hotel was not a large condominium type with a kitchen that we had stayed so far in the previous field studies, yet plenty of takeout places near the hotel made our stay comfortable.

Despite being a small group, we had a full schedule with 2 days (12 hours) of English Course offered by the University of Hawai’i Outreach College, 10 lectures on difference environmental-related disciplines, and 5 field visits. The students participated in an experiment using beans during the class on fishery resource economics, learnt about the Hawaiian mythological story of Taro together with other Japanese university students whom we incidentally met at the Ka’ala Kipua Cultural Centre, before engaging in tree-planting of Hawaiian endemic species at the restoration side. One of the major differences from our previous field studies was that we visited another island this time, the Big Island. Having the opportunity to visit the Kilauea Volcano which is considered sacred in Hawaiian culture and to observe the turtles at the Black Sand Beach was a fascinating experience. We were impressed by the rich and diverse vegetation at the national park, where the famous film “Jurassic Park” had been shot.

Despite our very tight schedule, the students worked well and seem to have pursued their research survey quite well. I have no mean of expressing fully our gratitude to all the people, the institutes, and our host – the Economics Department, who always warmly welcome us in Hawai’i.

Programme : 2011/9/5—9/18 

9/5 MON AM 22:55 leave Haneda(JL080: 7h35)
11:30 arrive Honolulu
13:00 arrive Hotel
PM 14:00 University of Hawaii Orientation & Campus Tour
9/6 TUE AM 9:30-12:30 English Course 1
9:30-10:30 Welcome & Orientation
10:30-12:30 English Class
PM 13:30-16:30 English Course 2
13:30-16:30 English Class
9/7 WED AM 9:30-12:30 English Course 3
9:30-12:30 English Class
PM 13:30-16:30 English Course 4
13:30-14:30 Interchange
14:30-15:30 English Class
15:30-16:30 Closing and Presentation of Certificate
9/8 THU AM 9:30-11:00 Lec1 Cliff Morden "Terrestrial Issue"
PM 12:15 leave UoH 12:30-15:45@site
Field 1 & LEC2
Lyon Arboretum
Christopher Dunn & staff
“plant conservation & biodiversity”
16:15 arrive Hotel
9/9 FRI AM 8:00 leave Hotel
9:00 arrive @ Lilipuna Pier,
9:00 -9:15 boat (9:15-11:45@site)
Field 2 & LEC 3 HIMB Coconut Island
“Marine Resources Management”
12:00 leave Pier
12:30 arrive UoH (GD on the way back)
PM 14:00-15:30 LEC 4 John Lynham
“Marine/Fisheries Resource Economics”
15:45-16:30 Mid-term Report Meeting
9/10 SAT AM Field 3 Hawai’i Island Nature Visit
5:30 leave Hotel
Kilauea Volcano National Park, etc.
PM 20:30 back to Hotel
9/11 SUN AM Free time
PM Free time
20:00-21:00 Meeting
9/12 MON AM 9:30-11:00 LEC 5 Jeff Burgett
“Climate Change and Species Conservation”
PM 12:30-14:00 LEC 6 Dolan Eversole
“Coastal Hazards and Climate Change in Hawai’i”
9/13 TUE AM 8:15 leave Hotel(9:30-14:00 @ site)
Field 4 Wainamea Ka’ala Kipuka Restoration Site
“Endangered Species Conservation & Restoration Activity”
PM 14:00~16:00 Poka’i Bay Beachpark
17:30 arrive Hotel
17:30-17:45 GD@hotel
9/14 WED AM 8:00 leave Hotel
Field 5 Hanauma Bay Sea Grant Program
LEC 7&8 Liz Kumade
“the Management of Hanauma Bay”; Chris Conger “Shorlines in Hawai’i”
PM 15:00-15:15 GD@hotel
9/15 THU AM 9:30-11:00
LEC 9 Makena Coffman
“Planning for Greenhouse Gas Mitigation in Hawaii”
PM 13:00-14:30 LEC 10 Carl Evensen
"Hawaiian Watershed and Coastal Resource Management”
9/16 FRI AM 9:30-11:00 LEC11
Nori Tarui “Economics of Climate Change”(in Japanese)
11:00-12:00 Final Report Meeting
PM Closing luncheon
9/17 SAT AM Free time
PM 15:50 leave Hotel
18:50 leave Honolulu (JL089)
9/18 SUN AM
PM 22:00 Arrive Haneda

Report from Student 

Photo Report 

Departing! At the Haneda International Airport.

Delicious take-out foods!


In front of the mountains once denuded @ Lyon Arboretum

Leaning about different plants and species at the Lyon Arboretum


Seed samples preserved at the arboretum’s seed bank

Students preparing for the catch-share experiment in the fishery resource economics class


Turtles sun bathing and relaxing at the Black Sand Beach on the Big Island

Learning about the impact of climate change on animals


Learning about the Hawaiian myth of Taro in front of the Taro field at the Ka’ala Kipua Cultural Center

Tree-planting at the Ka’ala Kipua Restoration Site


Riding on the back of an American truck!

A sacred hill we visited after the tree planting; it used to be inaccessible for common people


A photo with our great hosts Prof. Tarui and Ms. Taeko, taken on the last evening in Hawai’i

Yuta Harago Foundation Award


Yuta Harago Foundation Award

Yuta Harago Foundation Award


Yuta Harago Foundation Award

Yuta Harago Foundation Award