Report from Student 1


Field Study Activities

We participated in the field study with a total of 7 persons consisting of 5 female and 2 male students. Although we were small in number, it made it easy for us to organize ourselves, and all of us became friendly to each other. That was good. During the field study, we stayed in the State of Hawaii for 14days from September 5 to the 18th. to learn about the environmental problems of Hawaii. Learning about the problems through the field visits, we were able to be deepened our knowledge. It was indeed a very good experience. We had an English language course for the first two days, and then we had lectures from the University of Hawaii lecturers and the government researcher . We aslo went out to do field work at the Lyon Arboretum, the HIMB in Coconut Island, the Big Island, and conducted a tree-planting activity, and snorkeling in Hanauma Bay. Each day was rewarding and enjoyable. We could experience what we could not have experienced if we were in Japan. Moreover, I was happy to be able to directly feel the culture of Hawaii by actually being there. I had substantial and valuable experiences in Hawaii, and am grateful to many people, including professor Omura and professor Tarui .