Report from Student 4


Report from Student 4 

We studied about the wine industry in Bordeaux, Dijon, Paris in this field study.

Four chateaus, such as the chateau Cheval Blanc, and the Bordeaux wine committee were visited in Bordeaux. We learnt about the soil of each vineyard and the barrel of each chateau, and we could also taste its wine. Various types of wine were produced, and we learnt that the differences in the colors of wine, the smell, and the taste were due to the differences in the soil and the barrels even in the same Bordeaux. At the Bordeaux wine committee, we learnt different viewpoints from those of the chateaus, such as history, technological issues, and economic matters of wine.

Next, we visited Dijon, where we visited the advanced school of commerce, domaine, and negociant, etc. At the Dijon Advance School of Commerce, we were able to gain new knowledge about the changes in wine consumption, while enjoying communicating with the students. In Beaune, we visited a castle of the 15th century, now a negociant, and we saw valuable bottles of wine from 1846.

In Paris, I was happy to visit famous places such as Mont-Saint-Michel, Arch of Triumph, and Eiffel Towers.

It was an amazing experience, and I was able to gain lots of things in this field study. I remember clearly the efforts and passion put into wine production by all people. I want to enjoy a bottle of wine recalling those people.