Report from Student 1


“The field study that gave various experience, knowledge, friends”

In the field study, I stayed in Oahu of the State of Hawaii for about two weeks in the 2012 , and we learned about the environment and economy of Hawaii.
We had an English course for the first three days, and we got used to English spoken by native speakers.
Although all lessons are taught in English, it is carried out in a pleasant and friendly atmosphere, playing a mini game, etc.
Moreover, we not only worked inside a classroom but came out to school grounds, and interviewed the students of the University of Hawaii and spoke with a buddy. Even shy Japanese like us got to go out there actively to address ourselves to the local people.
Moreover, we learnt the culture of Hawaii, flipping an ukulele or learning a hula dance.
At the lectures, we learned about the environment and the economy of Hawaii, such as:
Climate change and its influence; the crisis of an area along the shore; management of invasive species; the influence on an ancient species, etc. We could learn and see the actual problems in Hawaii with our eyes.
All lectures were exciting which cannot be experienced usually in Japan, it is made us think a lot.
Everybody spoke and asked questions actively and we had lively classes.
We also went to Hanauma Bay and preservation areas, and experienced snorkeling and tree planting.
Because of this field study, we could also go to the research institute of the Coconut Island which is not open for sightseeing tourists.
I think that this field study is really for those who would like to have an experience which it cannot be usually had in our ordinary life and those who want to challenge something.
If there is another such opportunity, I would like to go again.