Report from Student 2


“The Hawaii life for 13 days” 

I learned many things through this field study. I was able to reflect upon myself by living an orderly life for long 11 nights and 13 days, cooking meals by ourselves. I did not get used to the life in Hawaii in the beginning and sometimes wished to return back to Japan, but after a while, I did not wish to return back to Japan because I enjoyed the life of Hawaii so much. After we arrived in Honolulu, Hawaii, we went to a Campus Tour of the Hawaii University and could feel its atmosphere. The next day, the English Course started. Our class was taught by Paul, and was enjoyable every day. Also, He taught us Ukurere. He brought home-made cookies and took us to a yogurt shop on the last day. After the English Course, we started to have lectures about Environmental problem of Hawaii. I was able to learn in detail about climate change, rise in the sea level, global warming, endangered species, and management of invasive species. Moreover, we not only had lecture but had several field visits. We went to places such as HIMB Coconut Island, Dole plantation, Wainamea ka`ala kipuka Restoration Site, Hanauma Bay. Hanauma Bay was the most impressive for me. I was impressed by this place as it is a very beautiful sea with beautiful fishes. People to whom we were indebted, including Paul, were invited to the dinner together on the final day. It was a two-week trip full of various experiences and has left me a great memory of the summer vacation.