Report on the Field Study A in Hawaii

Report from Professor : Makiko Omura 


“The Second Field Study Programme in Hawai’i”

Our field study A in 2009 was held for 14 days, during 6-9 September 2009, in Hawai’i. The programme theme was “Environmental Issues in Hawai’i,” and 20 undergraduate students had the privilege of receiving lectures from world leading researchers and experts working on environmental issues. Each student pursued her chosen topic and produced a report after returning to Japan. Incidentally, all participants were female students this year.
This year’s programme was even more enhanced than last year, with longer hours of English course and more lectures. The Department of Economics of University of Hawai’i (UoH) and the Faculty of Economics of Meijigakuin University have concluded a memorandum of agreement earlier this year. We had a warm welcome from the Department who hosted a welcome reception and a welcome dinner that marked a memorable start of the programme. The students also had an opportunity to actually contribute to a conservation activity, planting an endangered species and pulling out other ordinal species under the burning sun. The students have coped well with longer hours of lectures and they even had extra energy left to go out for shopping in Ala Moana after a whole day of lecture.
Like last year, we stayed in Waikiki, four students sharing a room. The students seemed to have got used to the life in Honolulu very quickly. They organised a BBQ party inviting UoH students and also a dinner on the last day of the stay, inviting the UoH hosts, Prof. Russo, Prof. Tarui and Ms. Yasutake. The students were very sorry to leave Hawai’i. We are truly grateful for all the people who have enabled this field study programme, which offered our students such a precious opportunity of learning and widening their perspectives.

Programme : 2009/9/7—9/19 

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John Lynhamによる漁業資源管理の講義

Kim Burnett先生による侵略的外来種の講義


Lyon Arboretum植物園での講義と視察



ハワイ固有の絶滅危惧種の組織培養&種の銀行を視察(Lyon Arboretumにて)


















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