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Report from Student 1 

In the days in Hawaii
We have had a program in Hawaii of the USA from September 7th to 19th.We were all girls members this time (also the teacher),but I think it`s not a bad thing. During the spring term, we all took the Case Study A studying about Hawaii. We have leant much more about Hawaii and we decided our own theme that we will study about in Hawaii.
At the first three days at Hawaii, we took English lessons. Through the English lessons, we became to like speaking English. We had played happy, we went to the beach, shopping… but also, we have studied hard. During the lectures, we studied about the endangered species, and we learnt about the linkage between the economics and the environment. I think the knowledge we had gained this time will be useful for our study about the economics and environment in the future.
Thank you for our teacher and everyone. The memories of theses 12 days will be the most wonderful one for all our lives.

Report from Student 2 

Twenty people from the department of economics participated in the Field Study A. We went to Oahu of Hawai’i for 13 days (from September 7 to 19). We actually heard, looked and experienced Hawaiian environmental problems which we had studied in the case study prior to coming to Hawai’i. We took 13 lectures and learned new views of environmental problems.
Before we attended lectures by professor from Hawai’i University, we studied English for the first three days. We went to Lyon Arboretum, HIMB Coconut Island and Hanauma Bay. We learnt about the protection of native species, marine resources management and marine biodiversity. We also planted Akoko which is one of the endangered species. Those experiences made me aware once again of the seriousness of environmental problems. I also learned that it is important to think critically, even of what professors say.
We didn’t only study while we staying in Hawai’i. There were many events such as snorkeling and BBQ. We went to shopping and sightseeing after school and during free time.
This Field Study was a valuable experience for me. I could experience things that I can’t experience in Japan, and I could reaffirm my goal and dream.

Report from Student 3 

We had precious experiences through field study in Hawaii. During our stay in Hawaii, we went to the University of Hawaii and we learned about economics and environment in English. We studied about invasive species management, marine resources and water resources management, climate change and so on. During our lectures, everyone concentrated and was eager to learn. We made notes of important things. If we didn’t know or understand, we asked questions to the lecturers. Apart from lectures, we went to Lyon Arboretum botanical garden to learn about plant conservation and biodiversity. And then we went to Hanauma Bay and we heard about marine biodiversity and natural park management. We also took part in a conservation activity by planting Akoko, an endangered species in Hawaii, and removing weeds. Finally, we went to the marine biology institute in Coconut Island and we learned about marine resources management.
In our free time, we went shopping by trolley bus. We went to beach before the sun went down and we enjoyed seeing a sunset. The sky in Hawaii was really beautiful blue. And we could see the rainbow almost everyday, because we often had a sun & shower. We had a little fear to live in an unaccustomed place. But Hawaiian people were very kind and friendly. So we could stay comfortably. I felt happy to progress with my English. I thought it was really good to have joined the field study. Everyone in University of Hawaii, all the people who were engaged in this field study and Ms. Omura, thank you so much.

Report from Student 4 

What I have learnt from the environmental problems in Hawai’i
In this field study in Hawai’i,I had chance to learn many things. Through the lectures at the Hawaii University,I learned about an environmental problem in Hawaii such as climate change and a sea level rise caused by global warming, endangered species and an energy source.

And in the field trip, I visited Hanauma Bay, a botanical garden and marine biological research Institute in Coconut Island. There, I could see the present situation and conversation efforts.

I was interested in coral reefs in Hawai’i, and I chose this as my research topic for the field study. When I inspected Hanauma Bay, I was shocked to see destroyed coral reefs. On the other hand I realized the need for environmental protection to recover beautiful nature.

We have image of Hawai’i as a resort. But when I saw serious state of nature that support the tourist industry, I realized that it is difficult for human beings and nature to coexist.

Through the field study experience, we can change our way of thinking and sense of values by actually going the place, meeting many people and touching different culture. I want to continue learning various things and search for my own answer, and the experience in Hawaii will help me doing that.

I am deeply grateful to all the people who contributed to this field study that brought us such a good experience.

Report from Student 5 



Valuable experience in Hawaii
We, 20 Department of Economics students, have stayed in Hawaii by from September 7, 2009 to the 19th to Oahu. We were divided into two classes for the English course, and learnt about Hawai’i from local teachers. Talking in English with the students of University of Hawai’i in the interchange made me a fresh impression. It was a very good experience because it made me more eager to study English so that I could communicate better with others. We had lectures on the global environmental concerns such as climatic variation and global warming, and on Hawai’i’s environment. We actually visited Hanauma Bay and Coconut Island, etc. and we could see with our own eyes the current state of environment in Hawai’i. Moreover, we had a valuable experience planting a threatened species by ourselves. We heard from the people who were engaged in conservation activities the serious danger plants and a beautiful sea are facing.

I was able to learn linkages between environment and economy through this field study. I had a wonderful time, attending the lectures offered by wonderful teachers and participating in field activities, learning many things. I want to make use of what I have learnt in these 12 days back in Japan.

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