Report from Student 2


“My treasured moments in Hawaii” 

 The stay in Hawaii for two weeks was very significant to me. In the first two days, we took an English class and it was quite fun. We loved our teacher very much because she was very kind.
  We had an opportunity to talk with the students of University of Hawaii. But, I could not communicate so well than I expected. It made me realize the importance of face to face communication.
  After the last lesson we had a closing ceremony where we received the certificates and it moved us profoundly.
  And then, we got lectures about various environmental issues by many teachers. They helped us to deepen the knowledge gained in the case study we took prior to coming to Hawaii. In the classes the interpreter helped us to understand what the teachers said but we made an effort to understand it in English. It was really valuable experience for us.
  We visited many places such as Lyon Arboretum, Coconut Island, Hawai’i Island, Plants of the Ka’ala Kipuka and Hanauma Bay. We had learned about their commitment to environmental issues. The most impressive thing was the tree planting in Ka’ala Kipuka. We had planted a native species called A‘ali‘i, which means ‘The Best Friend’. I really want them grow strong. And I was so pleased to actually take a part in the nature conservation.
  In Hawaii, we had many experiences that seemed to be more than two weeks and it was very rich for us. I am grateful for the assistance I have received from Prof. Omura and people whom I met during my stay in Hawaii.

Hawaii arrived!

tree planting

culture and protection of endangered species

native species “A’ali’I

Hanauma Bay

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