Report from Student 1


Report from Student 1 

Between 2011 February 15th and 24th we participated in the field study B.
The destination is France, and the theme is "Sustainability of the wine industry ".
Six students including myself and Prof. Omura visited various chateaus and wine institutes.
Although we have learnt about the wine industry in class prior to our visit, wine was not something familiar to me. Wine has become, for the first time, something “real” for me in this field trip as we actually saw the reality of its production.
A lady who works for BIVB, a Bordeaux wine organization, said that “I want to go to Japan. Because there are “SYOKUNIN” (artisans) who protect traditional skills and technologies in Japan. They are just like the wine producers in Bordeaux.” I was convinced by what she said. Actually, the impression of people I met in Bordeaux was really like that of the “SYOKUNIN”. I think that it is because there are something in common between them.
During this 10-day trip, I met a lot of people who devoted their life to wine, and now I have my full support to the endeavor of French wine industry.
Being able to think of this is a favor that it was possible to participate in this program.
I have learnt so many things, and it was made possible by this field study. We could also visit places such as Rocamadou using our travel day. So I am really glad to have joined this field study programme in France.
I wish to express my gratitude to the people whom I met in France and am indebted to Prof. Omura.
I want to say to them…”Thanks a lot! :)”


Barrel warehouse in underground

We and a big commemoration wine of the owner in the chateau

In the train


A rose town, Albi

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