Report from Student 2


“My encounter with the French wine” 

We visited French Bordeaux, southwestern district, Paris to study "the sustainability of the French wine industry" which was a program held from 15 to24 February, 2011. The students who participated in this field study were few, all students at the department of economics economic.

Bordeaux, where we stayed first is a world-famous wine production place. We visited Domaine de Chevalier , Saint Emilion cooperative, chateau Lagrange, Chateau Figeac, CIVB (Bordeaux wine Committee) including the Chateau Lafite Rothchild which was famous for the first grade rating wine. The experience we got from actually visiting the place, having a seminar, etc., was different from that from a book and the Internet. "The soil" is related to wine production deeply. Even a ground of same Bordeaux is different from the left bank and the right bank in the kind of the grape which can grow in due to the different types of soil. It is important that we grow grapes which are suitable to the land, and the art knowing it results from a steady effort of the vine grower. The wine may be called the product of the efforts of a producer and the vineyard.

Toulouse, where we stayed next is known as "a rosy city".
The origin of this name comes from the brick of the roof. We visited the South-West district wine cooperative. It is a system where vine growers are contracted to bring their grapes here, and to make wine. We could observe how grafting of seedling were done. This was a rare opportunity and valuable experience.

In Paris where we stayed last, we had a luncheon seminar with Suntory France and another seminar at the OIV international wine organization. Here, we learned about various definitions used in the wine sector, the sustainability issue and environmental problems such as global warming.

I think this field study to have been a very valuable experience for me. I will make an effort to be able to keep the thing which I got from this trip in the future life.
Finally I want to express my sincere thanks to all the people who contributed to this field study. "Thank you"

Domaine de Chevalier

Chateau Lagrange

Chateau Figeac

At a cafe


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