Report from Student 1


Report from Student 1 

Bordeaux is widely known as a town of wine. High-quality red wines are produced with poor soil. There are four chateaus visited for the field study B.

Chateau Cheval Blanc

The wine of2006 is kept here.

It is a barrel warehouse.


Tasted wine

Wine field in winter

The field of Cheval Blanc,characterized by gravel and argillaceous soil allow a production of high-quality wine by restricting the quantity of grapes.

Chateau Figeac

Externals of Figeac

Except stalk ripper


Wine field. The vines are pruned in winter.

Because of a slightly hilly geographical feature,drainage is good in Figeac. It is good to retain the lean soil.

Chateau Pichon Longueville Comtesse de Lalande


Tasted wine

Chateau Mouton Rothschild


Commemoration bottle of 2000

The artists from various countries are designing the labels.

Both white and red wines are produced in Bourgogne, and about 200 million bottles are sold each year. The vineyard is smaller than that of Bordeaux and Champagne. 60 percent of the produced wines are sold by negiciants, and the rest 40 percent are directly sold by producers. The visited place is as follows.

Domaine simon bize


It is a barrel warehouse.
In the Simon-Bize Domain, Japanese Mrs. Chisa serves as the madam.

The wine of 1988 was served for us!


A very warm lady.

Bouchard Pere et Fils


Tasted wine

It is a barrel warehouse.

Here is a castle built in the 15th century now keeping wines. The underground is like a tunnel, and a lot of wines were displayed there.

We visited Mont-Saint-Michel, Arch of Triumph, and the Eiffel Tower, etc.



A famous omelet!


Arch of Triumph

The Eiffel Tower

Both beautiful despite the little cloudy weather.

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