Report from Student 5


Report from Student 5 

We participated in the field study (wine industry) led by Prof. Omura.

We first went to Bordeaux, a famous wine producing region.

We can summarise what we learn her in a single phrase: "soil is important." Generally, we think the importance of water abundance for agricultural products. However, the viticulture soil here was that of argillaceous and of gravel. Severe environment and controlling the number of branches allow for the concentration of flavour, tastes and nutrients of grapes. We were surprised by this cultivation method that seemed to be so different from the general idea.

Next, we went to Dijon.

We learn a lot about the distribution of wine here.
There are differences in the interests and knowledge about wine in France and Japan. In Japan, we find about 100 kinds of wine in a supermarket, while we can find 500-600 kinds in a supermarket in France. In Japan, we have an internet/mail-order site such as RAKUTEN in Japan, which does not exist in France. In France, negociants are important. About 40% of Burgundy wine are sold by the producers, but the remaining 60%, mainly small-scale wine producers, rely on negociants because they do not have enough money to buy the machines for labelling and bottling.

We had an opportunity to spend a half day with the students in Dijon. We learnt how to taste white and red wine, how to open a bottle, etc.

Finally, we went to Paris, where we visited to INAO. We learnt about the significance of wine industry in France. Moreover, we could get detailed answers to our questions that had arisen from our visits in Bordeaux and Dijon. We were able to learn the French wine industry, its economy and its relation to different sectors. This field study was a valuable experience and made us think through many things, and made us grow up in many ways.

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