Report from Student 6


Report from Student 6 

In this field study, we studied the wine sector in France in a group of 23 economics for ten days. We visited Bordeaux, Dijon and Paris and learned characteristics of wine in each region.
We had studied wine industry in France through the case study course. It was a great experience and we had new discoveries presenting and discussing our research on a theme chosen by ourselves.

In this field study, we visited many vineyards and breweries. We were able to actually hear many interesting stories from the persons who made wine, and it was a valuable experience that we were able to see the process of the wine production with our own eyes. In addition, there were opportunities for wine tasting where we could directly feel that each had a different taste, fragrance and characteristics. At the Wine Committee in each region, we had lectures on French wine industry and environmental measures. Also we had a renewed interpretation on the issue of decreasing wine consumption by the French youth, a topic we had studied in our case study course. We learned that although the consumption has fell, it is still relatively high. In addition, the fact of decreasing consumption is not bad since young people are now consuming good wine instead of cheap table wine. In other words, we learned that French people are now putting more emphasis on the quality of wine. We think that we could deepen our knowledge, especially of what we had studied in the case study course, and this fact made this field study particularly fruitful and significant for us.

Through this field study, we not only learned about the wine itself but also the economic aspects of the wine sector, and we wish to keep this knowledge and make use of it for our student life.

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