Report from Student 1


“Field Study in Indonesia” 

We stayed on the island of Kalimantan in Indonesia.
Since I visited for the first time overseas, I was worried before the departure. But being in a wide scale nature and in the mild climate of Indonesia, I was able to spend very meaningful 10days.
We participated in a Jungle River Cruise, observed the Orangutan, visited a riverside village, and heard the story of local people.
We went to Sebangau National Park by a speed boat, saw the current situation and impact of deforestation, and planted trees in the park.
We joined the research team led by another university on the fifth day, conducted an on- site survey, such as land measurement and water quality survey.
I enjoyed the unique food, culture, and climate of Indonesia and compared with Japan. It was a very fun and new experience for me. It was a good opportunity to broaden my perspectives and I am happy to had such a valuable experience during my university years.

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