Report from Student 2


10 days in Palangkaraya 

We went to field study in Palangkaraya, Indonesia from 2/29 to 3/9.
We participated in the eco tour, watched the island of orangutan sanctuary, and visited the village of Dayak. We could see orangutan so close by that I felt we could touch them if we reach out. I was impressed. We went to the National Park. We looked at the site of the loggers and walked in the jungle. It is difficult to walk because of peat soil. We become dirty but it was fun.
On the fourth day, we were joined by the “Study tour KALTENG”. We had lectures. We acquired knowledge of local environmental issues. We strengthened cultural exchanges by presentation. We visited Waterworks, and saw alluvial gold mining. Was received a lecture on the problem of mercury associated with alluvial gold mining. It was very interesting. Many of the tour participants were of natural science majo. I felt some talks were difficult. However, it made me think from different perspectives.
This field study participants was few. However, it made us actively participate in the program. We became good friend with the eco tour guide. I very much enjoyed the trip.

Orangutan in the protected island – we reached there by changing to a small boat

In peat land, water has a coca-cola color Our feet were caught in the mud several times, and one of the member’s shoes was broken, yet the indigenous guide was bare footed

Working together with the student study tour group
A new experience of water quality testing with unfamiliar equipments

After the lecture on gold mining, we sent to see the actual activity

It was a fruitful experience up to the very end

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