Report from Student 4

Field Study’report in France

After having learnt about wine in the Case Study class in Japan, I learnt about wine production methods, vineyard, grape, tasting method, etc in Bordeaux in this field study.
Mr. Keiichi Shiina, Vice President of Suntory France: Thank you very much Thank you very kindly talk in detail particular.

・Mr. Keiichi Shiina Vice President of Suntory France

・Mr. Shiina discussed with us also during the lunch

We were given the opportunity for an exclusive wine tasting of Chateau Cheval Blanc. I learnt about the taste, color and smell of wine from Mr. Shiina and other producers, and practiced the method of tasting at the chateau.

We were all amused, including the professor, at a Twitter party held at the Bordeaux Wine Committee (CIVB). I not only enjoyed the party but also was able to contribute a little bit to French wine industry because it was had a role as an SNS ad.

Everyone got used to tasting in due course, and it was very fruitful that we could exchange our views about wine with each other. I was able to take advantage of a knowledge I've acquired in this field study.

・He bought the bottle of course

I was also able to learn more about the French history visiting the castles.
・We also stayed in a castle, Chateau de la Verrerie

We had some prior knowledge about the wine sector in France as we learnt it in the Case Study class. However, what we learnt directly from the winery people were much more than what we learnt in class, through books and Internet. Since I had several occasions to drink wine before writing this report after I came back from the field study, I was able use the knowledge gained from this program in terms of wine selection and tasting.
Finally, let me end my report with thanks to all the people, the professor who took us to this field study, those whom we met in France, and all the people who enabled this field study.
Thank you all!

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