Study specialized fields in an up-to-the-minute program responsive to the status of the global economy

The Major of Business Administration seeks to cultivate researchers who will support the advancement of learning and leaders in the world of business, and offers teaching staff familiar with, and a diverse curriculum that ranges widely across, the entire field of business administration. The academic study of the subject is also developing by leaps and bounds today, and it is essential to seek out the latest findings based on previous research. In addition to providing students with a solid academic foundation in theory related to management, marketing, accounting, finance, and related fields, the Major of Business Administration’s diverse curriculum offers students a broad perspective, enabling them to grapple with up-to-the-minute topics and develop abundant creativity and a sophisticated ability for academic investigation. We also have an interchangeable credit system and hold joint research presentations with other graduate schools, providing a rich research experience for our students. In addition, above all our doctor’s course provides a well-rounded curriculum and a research environment enabling our students to aim towards becoming future researchers. Our focused research guidance has already produced numerous university educators who are flourishing in Japan’s world of business administration studies. We are waiting for motivated students seeking to push the boundaries of theory and practice.


Exemption from subject for qualification as certified public accountant

If a student is researching topics related to the study of financial statements or bookkeeping for their Master’s thesis, they may apply to be exempted from one subject related to financial statements or bookkeeping for certified public accountants. However, care should be exercised, because while a student may pass the National Tax Bureau examination having waived a subject, in other cases they will be disqualified. For more information, please enquire at the Graduate School Office.

Fast-track Entrance System

The Fast-track Entrance System enables students who have studied for three years in the Meiji Gakuin Faculty of Economics and achieved outstanding results to graduate from university and enter graduate school. Students to whom this system applies are able to enter graduate school on the basis of an oral examination alone. The use of the system enables students to complete their undergraduate years and Master’s thesis in a minimum of five years. Four conditions* relating to results and subjects taken must be satisfied in order to use the system, and as a rule the student must have received grades exceeding a specified standard upon completion of their third year following their university entrance examination.
* Until the completion of third year, the student must have good prospects of (1) Achieving a GPA of 2.9 or more across all subjects, (2) Achieving a GPA of 2.9 or more in their specialized subjects, and (3) Receiving sufficient credits for graduation by the completion of third year. In addition, (4) As a rule, the student must be enrolled in Class A or Class B.

Small-group Classes

One of the distinctive features of the Meiji Gakuin University Graduate School of Economics’ Major of Business Administration is its small-group classes. One-to-one instruction is not uncommon. Because of this, many classes proceed as discussions rather than one-way lectures. As a result, students are closer to their teachers, and can immediately discuss any questions they might have, enabling them to pursue their research while deepening their understanding of the subject.