Conduct research on French literature and culture from a fresh perspective

Not necessarily restricted to either “French” or “literature,” the Major of French literature offers students the opportunity to freely conduct wide-ranging research on a diverse range of topics and subjects. With a central focus on research related to literature written in French, the program transcends conventional academic categories and emphasizes contemporary concepts, perspectives and methodologies to promote a comprehensive approach to the domains of literature, art and culture, in an attempt to foster in students the knowledge, sensitivity, and creativity essential to living proactively in the 21st century. The Textuality Course takes up a variety of works ranging from the Middle Ages to the contemporary era, and eschews a positivist approach in engaging in a multifaceted study of the literary text itself. A variety of aspects of texts are considered in addition to their content and form, including the conditions of their creation, their production of meaning, and their intertextual aspects. In the Modernity Course, students engage in a boundary-crossing study of the new literature, art and thought that spread from France to the world in the 20th century. Because, rather than focusing exclusively on “French literature,” the course makes its object the study of all cultural phenomena from a contemporary perspective, it also calls into question how we should live in the contemporary world. In this major, we prioritize close exchanges between professors and students (including graduates). We also offer an overseas study system, and are affiliated with eight other universities in an interchangeable credit system. Our hope is that each of our students will find this rich environment conducive to opening up diverse paths towards the future.


Graduate School Auditor (Interchangeable Credit) System

The Graduate School Auditor System enables students of a graduate school which is a party to the agreement to attend lectures at any of the other graduate schools involved and earn credits for doing so under specific conditions. The Major in French Literature has agreements with seven graduate schools (Aoyama Gakuin University, Gakushuin University, Shirayuri Women’s University, Sophia University, Dokkyo University, Musashi University, and Meiji University), and up to 10 credits earned will be recognized as credits towards the completion of doctoral coursework in the Major of French Literature. We urge students to use this system effectively following consultation with their advisor in order to further bolster their study and research.

Benefit-type Scholarship System (Overseas Research Subsidy for Students)

In order to support research by students enrolled in the Doctor’s course in the Graduate School of Arts and Letters (Major of English Literature, Major of French Literature, Major of Art Studies), every fiscal year we provide six students with a subsidy towards part of overseas research expenses (100,000 or 200,000 yen per person) accrued for the writing of their doctoral theses.