Notice concerning classes and extracurricular activities with Typhoon No.27 approaching

There are reports that Typhoon No. 27 may approach the Kanto region in the morning on Saturday, October 26.

  • October 25(Fri)
    Please check the "Class cancellation rules for storm warning alerts, etc." shown on MG DIARY page 15 and the Port Hepburn menu. Extracurricular activities are subject to the same measures as class cancellations.
    The latest information concerning class cancellations will be notified on the university website and Port Hepburn.
  • October 26(Sat)
    All classes and extracurricular activities/events are cancelled.
    Also university offices are closed and window operations are cancelled.

Note: MG DIARY can be seen on the page below.

Oct 25, 2013 (FRI) 9:00
Meiji Gakuin University