Dr. Paul Hullah (Associate Professor, Department of English Literature) Receives the Asia Pacific Brand Laureate International Personality Award

In November 2013, Hullah was invited guest speaker at the International Conference on English Language Teaching (ICELT) in Malaysia where, as well as making a plenary presentation, he was presented with the Asia Pacific Brand Laureate International Personality Award, a huge honor endorsed by the 4th Prime Minister of Malaysia as well as the country's 13th King. The award citation acknowledges Hullah as ‘International Writer and Poet’ and states that he was chosen for 'paramount contribution to the cultivation of literature [that has] exceptionally restored the appreciation of poetry... [and] contribution to the literary education’ of students in Asia.

Hullah said: ‘I am delighted and honored to humbly accept this major recognition of my work on behalf of not only myself but also Meiji Gakuin University, which has supported me so generously during the last six years, and my esteemed colleagues and students who encourage and inspire me immeasurably in so many good ways. Though it is currently unfashionable to say so, I strongly believe that dignity, depth, tradition, intellectual challenge, and elegance are meaningful qualities worth defending and preserving in education. That is fundamental to all I try to do, so I am proud to work at a university which shares and supports that belief, and pleased to accept an award which confirms that such a belief is not wholly futile.’

Dr. Paul Hullah Dr. Paul Hullah

Dr. Paul Hullah (MA Hons, PhD) has worked at Meijigakuin University since 2008 as tenured Associate Professor of British Poetry and Culture in the English Department of the Faculty of Letters. Arriving in Japan from his native UK in 1992, he has taught at Japanese universities since then and published over 20 books, including textbooks, literary criticism, and five collections of his own poetry. Together with Professor Pronko of the MGU English Department, Hullah is co-founder of Liberlit, an organization for ‘Discussion and Defense of the Role of Literary Texts in the English Curriculum’ < www.liberlit.com >. Hullah continues regularly to publish and present internationally in literary studies and EFL.