It won the Totsuka Festival Preparatory Committee is Totsuka Ward Environmental Action Prize!

The Totsuka Ward Environmental Action Prize recognizes, through a wide range of environmental actions in the city of Yokohama’s Totsuka Ward, individuals and groups for their services toward the promotion of the “Yokohama 3R Dream”.

The Totsuka Festival Preparatory Committee was recommended by the chairman of Totsuka Ward’s Kamikurata Neighborhood Association, and they received the prize on the 20th year of the festival, an important milestone.

The Totsuka Festival includes many environmentally conscious activities, such as the collection of caps from plastic bottles, the gathering of pull-tabs from aluminum cans on the day of the festival, and “RRP” (“Re-repack”), an initiative in which the film on containers used at festival booths is peeled off, then reused for other containers.

The receipt of the prize represents a proud achievement for both the Totsuka Festival Preparatory Committee, which considers its three pillars to be welfare, the environment, and internationalization, and for Meiji Gakuin University, as it promotes its environmentally friendly Yokohama Campus.

The 21st Totsuka Festival will be held next year.

In order to meet the expectations of the Kamikurata Neighborhood Association, who recommended them and other members of the community, the Totsuka Festival Preparatory Committee will focus on environmental activities more than ever before.