Procedures of Consultation

  1. Make a telephone call to a harassment advisor . You can write a letter to an advisor. In that case, do not forget to write your name and department so that the advisor can contact you to arrange a meeting.
    Your name and any other information which harassment advisors learn in the course of consultation will be kept confidential. Even after their retirement, advisors are obliged to maintain confidentiality of what they have learned.
    Victims or witnesses will not suffer any form of disadvantage by reporting or giving evidence.
  2. The harassment advisor will report to the Committee on Human Rights and Sexual Harassment. An investigation subcommittee will be organized to gather evidence, if necessary, with the consent of the victim and the harassment advisor consulted first. The Committee on Human Rights and Sexual Harassment will take steps to resolve the complaint and to prevent further sexual harassment.
  3. The victim will be offered every possible support, including psychological counseling.
  4. The charged party will be subject to disciplinary action when the charge is confirmed, including suspension and expulsion from school, and suspension and dismissal from office, according to school and work regulations.

Sexual Harassment: A Consultation Guide

  1. Our Policy - Meiji Gakuin Will Not Tolerate Sexual Harassment
  2. What Is Sexual Harassment?
  3. Consult a Harassment Advisor First.
  4. Procedures of Consultation