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The Asian Studies Conference Japan (ASCJ)
ASCJ emphasizes interdisciplinary scholarly exchange on Asia in English-language format to broaden communication among researchers of diverse disciplines and backgrounds who are based in Japan. The conference also welcomes scholars from other countries. ASCJ conducts a yearly conference. Everyone world-wide interested in Asian studies is invited to participate. The inaugural meeting of ASCJ was held in October 1997. ASCJ is an affiliate of the Association for Asian Studies, AAS.

ASCJ Executive Committee

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ASCJ bylaws

Asian Studies Conference Japan
c/o Institute of Asian Cultural Studies
University Hall, 2F
International Christian University (ICU)
3-10 Osawa,
181-8585 Mitaka



The next Asian Studies Conference Japan will be held at
Sophia University,
on the weekend of
June 21-22, 2014

ASCJ 2014 Program

ASCJ 2014 Abstracts

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Online Conference Registration is Now Closed.
If you want to attend the conference
please register on-site.

Announcing the
First Annual ASCJ Graduate Paper Competition
ASCJ 2014

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Application Forms available at Registration Desk

All presenters, chairs and discussants should register by paying the conference fee of 3,000 yen no later than April 20 (Saturday). There is a reduced rate of 1,000 for graduate students. Anyone else planning to attend the conference is welcome to register at this time. From April 21, the fee for registration will go up.

From this year ASCJ has enlisted the service of Nihon Ryoko Conference Services to help with the registration. This will end the cumbersome system we have had in the past and allow for secure online credit card payments for the registration fees. Please follow the instructions on the Registration Page link below. Since this is our first year using this system, we appreciate any suggestions you may have for improvements.  Thank you.



September 1, 2013 - Opening of applications for ASCJ 2014. All applications must be made online. Application forms can be viewed now, but no applications can be submitted before September 1.

October 15, 2013  - Deadline for applications to participate in ASCJ 2014.  Late applications will not be accepted.

December 2013. Announcement by email of results of applications for ASCJ 2014. Those wishing to receive a personally addressed letter of invitation should use the request form.
The letter will be sent by PDF attachment. Please note that this letter can only be sent to persons included in the list of roundtables, panels, and individual papers accepted for the 2014 conference.

ASCJ is not in a position to provide financial support for travel or accommodation costs, nor can it act as guarantor for those who need visas to enter Japan. No exceptions can be made to this rule. Persons who will be traveling to Japan for the first time should check the visa requirements well in advance.

February 20, 2014 - Opening of EARLY BIRD registration: Opening of EARLY BIRD registration for presenters and all who wish to attend ASCJ 2014: 3000 yen regular fee, 1000 yen for graduate students.

Organizers of panels and roundtables should confirm whether everyone in their session is able to participate as planned. They should take the opportunity to remind all co-panelists and discussant(s) to complete registration and payment for the conference.

The Executive Committee needs to receive your registration information and conference fee in good time in order to make important programming and scheduling decisions that affect all participants. If you are late in confirming or registering, you may jeopardize your own position in the program, as well as that of fellow panelists.

April 20, 2014 - End of EARLY BIRD registration. All presenters and other participants whose names are to appear on the program should complete registration and payment by this date.

April 21 - June 10, 2014 - Online registration remains open, but at a HIGHER rate: 4000 yen regular fee, 1000 yen for graduate students.

May, 2014 - Full program will be available online in PDF format.

June 1, 2014
- Last date for accepting revision requests for session information.

June 10, 2014  - Last day for online registration for ASCJ 2014. Onsite registration is available at the onsite rate: 5000 yen regular fee, 2000 for graduate students.

June 21-22, 2014 - Asian Studies Conference Japan (ASCJ 2014) at
Sophia University, Tokyo.

For timely reminders, follow us on Twitter (ascj20xx).
For further details, write to us at

Past conferences

If you are interested in ASCJ and thinking of attending our next meeting, or preparing to apply to speak at a future meeting, we recommend that you look at the information, programs, or abstracts of recent conferences.

More than 370 people participated in the Seventeenth Asian Studies Conference Japan held at J.F. Oberlin Univerisity in Tokyo on June 29-30, 2013.
[Program 2013 PDF] [Abstracts 2013 PDF]

More than 450 people participated in the Sixteenth Asian Studies Conference Japan held at Rikkyo University in Tokyo on June 30-July 1, 2012. There were two roundtables, 33 organized panels and 43 individual presentations.
[ASCJ 2012] [Program 2012 PDF] [Abstracts 2012 PDF]

More than 400 people participated in the Fifteenth Asian Studies Conference Japan held at International Christian University (ICU) in Tokyo on June 25-26, 2011. There were a total of 42 regular sessions and two special lunchtime sessions
[ASCJ 2011] [Program 2011 PDF] [Abstracts 2011 PDF]

More than 338 people participated in the Fourteenth Asian Studies Conference Japan held at Waseda University in Tokyo, on June 19-20, 2010. There was a total of 167 presentations in forty-three sessions.
[program 2010 PDF]

More than 338 people participated in the Thirteenth Asian Studies Conference Japan held on the Yotsuya Campus of Sophia University in Tokyo, on June 20-21, 2009. There was a total of 179 presentations in forty-seven sessions.
[ASCJ 2009][program 2009 PDF][abstracts 2009 (links here)]

More than 320 people participated in the Twelfth Asian Studies Conference Japan held at Rikkyo University in Tokyo on June 21-22, 2008. There was a total of 140 presentations in thirty-eight sessions.
[ASCJ 2008][program 2008 PDF][2008 abstracts PDF]

More than 300 people participated in the Eleventh Asian Studies Conference Japan held at Meiji Gakuin University in Tokyo on June 23-24, 2007.  There was a total of 153 presentations in thirty-six sessions.
[ASCJ 2007] [program 2007 PDF] [abstracts 2007 PDF]

For earlier conferences, see the links on the left.

To contact ASCJ please write to 
the Secretariat
email address (graphic)

Postal address:
Asian Studies Conference Japan
   c/o Institute of Asian Cultural Studies University Hall, 2F
   International Christian University (ICU)
  3-10 Osawa
  181-8585 Mitaka