Seventh Asian Studies Conference Japan
Saturday, June 21-Sunday 22, 2003
Ichigaya Campus of Sophia University


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Contact the organizers: Asian Studies Conference (ASCJ) c/o Institute of Asian Cultural Studies, International Christian University 3-10-2 Osawa, Mitaka-shi, Tokyo 181-8585

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All sessions will be held in the main classroom building of the Faculty of Comparative Culture at the Ichigaya Campus of Sophia University.

Session 1: Room 201
Exploring the Rich History and Culture of the Ogasawara (Bonin) Islands
Chair: Daniel Long, Tokyo Metropolitan University
Organizer: Robert Eldridge, Osaka University
1) Daniel Long, Tokyo Metropolitan University. "The Unknown Linguistic Heritage of the Ogasawara (Bonin) Islands"
2) Robert Eldridge, Osaka University. "The U.S. Naval Administration of Ogasawara Islands, 1945-1968"
3) Junko Konishi, Shizuoka University. "The Adoption of Micronesian Song and Dance by Ogasawara Islanders"
4) Paul Cunningham, Rikkyo University. "Attitudes Towards Ecotourism Among Lodging Owners on Chichijima, Ogasawara"
Discussant: John Maher, International Christian University

Session 2: Room 208
Taking Japanese Literature Abroad: The Role of the Translator
Organizer / Chair: James M. Vardaman, Waseda University
1) Charles DeWolf, Keio University. "On the Role of the Translator: Medium and Messenger"
2) Michael W. Ainge, Keio University. "Kawabata Yasunari and Modern Japanese Literature"
3) Juliet W. Carpenter, Doshisha Women's College of Liberal Arts. "On the General Impossibility of Translating (Japanese) Literature"
Discussant: James M. Vardaman, Waseda University

Session 3: Room 209
Talk Like a Man? Women's Strategies of Self-Expression in Male-Dominated Space
Organizer / Chair: Julia Bullock, Stanford University
1) Mitsuko Tanaka, Josai International University. "Fact and Fiction in the Image of the Poet Yamakawa Tomiko, and its Distortion by the Male Critical Establishment"
2) Marnie Anderson, University of Michigan. "A Public Space of Her Own? Women and Political Culture in Meiji Japan"
3) Kimiko Horiuchi, Josai International University. "The Literature of Meiô Masako: Family Dynamics of the Intelligentsia in the Novel Tenba kuu o yuku"
4) Julia Bullock, Stanford University. "Female Bodies and Male Spaces: Takahashi Takako's "Hone no shiro" and the Geography of Male Power"
Discussant: Mizuta Noriko, Josai International University

Session 4: Room 301
The Character Industry: Consuming Objects and Images in the Global Cultural Economy
Organizer / Chair: Martin Roberts, New School University
1) Martin Roberts, New School University. "Chappie: Software Characters and the Digital Culture Industry"
2) Jiwon Ahn, University of Southern California. "Banzai! Toward a Textual Analysis of Non-Existent Character Texts"
3) Christine Yano, University of Hawai'i. "Worldly Kitty: The Global Marketing and Consumption of Japanese Cute"
Discussant: Merry White, Boston University

Session 6: Room 307
Individual Paper Session: Power and Political Processes
Chair: Igor Saveliev, Niigata University
1) Petrice Flowers, University of Tokyo. "International Norms and National Identity: Understanding Japan's (Non)Compliance with the IWC"
2) Jill Arase Margerison, University of Queensland. "Japan's Changing Security Posture: A Quest for Legitimacy?"
3) Katsuyuki Takahashi, Waseda University. "Thai 'Communists' and the Peace Movement"
4) Zhou Fang, University of Michigan. "The Deregulation of the Chinese Economy: The Case of the Telecommunications Industry"
5) Yinghong Li, Obirin University. "Modernity, Femininity, and Narrative Divergence"

Session 7: Room 208
Caste and Clan in Medieval Japan
Organizer / Chair: Akiko Mieda, University of Tokyo
1) Akiko Mieda, University of Tokyo. "The Characteristics of Outcastes (hinin) in Medieval Japan"
2) Mina Shin, University of Tokyo. "A Clan of Confucian Scholars and their Involvement in the Daijôe Waka Festival"
3) Thomas Nelson, University of Tokyo. "The Genin Within the Medieval Japanese Warrior Clan"
Discussant: Yu Hashimoto, Kyushu National Museum

Session 8: Room 209
Individual Paper Session: Place, Culture, and Identity in Modern Japan
Chair: Seiko Yoshinaga, Grinnell College
1) Elaine Gerbert, University of Kansas. "Cinema in the Works of Tanizaki Jun'ichirô"
2) Andrei Mikhailov, St. Petersburg State University. "Football as a Socio-Cultural Phenomenon: A Case Study of S.F. Hiroshima Football Club"
3) Eriko Sase, University of Tokyo. "The Rationalization Mechanisms of Former Japanese-Korean Patients' Stays at Leprosy Sanatoria in Japan"

Session 9: Room 307
Frontiers and Margins of Sexuality in Postwar Japanese Fiction
Organizer / Chair: Marilyn Bolles, Montana State University-Bozeman
1) Marilyn Bolles, Montana State University-Bozeman. "The Masculine Ideal and the 'Older Woman' in Enchi Fumiko's Yûkon"
2) Linda Flores, University of California, Los Angeles / Josai International University. "The Ambiguous Figure of the Yamanba in the Fiction of Ôba Minako"
3) Kazumi Nagaike, University of British Columbia / Josai International University. "Lesbian Signifier and Signified in Matsuura Rieko's Big Toe P's Years of Apprenticeship"
4) Mary Knighton, Osaka University. "(Re)Inscribing the Holy Family: The 'Perpetual Girl (eien no shôjo)' in Contemporary Women Writers' Fiction
Discussant: Fukuko Kobayashi, Waseda University

Session 10: Room 201
Making Impressions: The Social Use of Chinese Prints in Ming-Qing China and Edo Japan
Organizer / Chair: Lisa Claypool, Lewis & Clark College
1) Suzanne Wright, University of Tennessee. "The Circulation of Letter Paper Imagery in Seventeenth-Century China"
2) Meng-ching Ma, National Palace Museum, Taiwan. "Framing the Text: Visuality in Late-Ming Illustrations to The Story of the Western Wing"
3) Eri Yoshida, Mizuta Museum of Art, Josai International University. "Ike Taiga and Chinese Prints"
4) Lisa Claypool, Lewis & Clark College. "About Face: Physiognomic Diagrams, Painting Manuals, and Portraiture in Nineteenth-Century China"
Discussant: Hiromitsu Kobayashi, Sophia University

Session 11: Room 301
Foreigners in Japan: Leisure and Identity
Organizer / Chair: Gracia Liu Farrer, University of Chicago
1) Dalit Bloch-Tzemach, Hebrew University. "Temporary Dwelling in Japan: Novelty Within Routine, Tourism Without Journey"
2) Debra J. Occhi, Miyazaki International College, and Stephen J. Davies, Miyazaki International College. "Gaijin Might be Locals: The Surf Scene at Kisekihama, Japan"
3) James C. Farrer, Sophia University. "Cross-cultural Social Interactions in an Irish Pub in Tokyo"
4) Gracia L. Farrer, University of Chicago. "Romance and Status in Chinese Dance Halls in Tokyo"
Discussant: Glenda S. Roberts, Waseda University

Session 12: Room 308
FDI in Asia: Elements of Cooperation or Competition?
Organizer / Chair: Louis Augustin-Jean, Waseda University
1) Anne Androuais, University of Paris X. "Japanese FDI and the Cooperation / Competition Process in the Asian Trans-boundaries Economic Zones"
2) Doryane Kermel-Torrès, Institut de Recherches pour le Développement, Bordeaux. "Foreign Direct Investment in Thailand and Public Incentives: Spatial Organization and Enterprise Responses"
3) Francois Gipouloux, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, Centre Chine. "Determinants in Foreign Direct Investment's Uneven Distribution in China: A Comparative Study of Three Macro-regions - East, Centre and West"
4) Bertrand Maximin, University of Paris V. " Foreign Direct Investment, Wage Inequalities, and Development in Asia"
Discussant: Akira Takahashi, University of Tokyo (Emeritus)


Session 13: Room 208
From Text to Context and Back: the Appropriation and Reinterpretation of Scriptures, Doctrines, and Practices in the Study of East Asian Religions
Organizer / Chair: Scott Hurley, Luther College
1) Scott Hurley, Luther College. "Master Yinshun's Hermeneutics, the Tathagatagarbha, and the Doctrine of Emptiness: An Example of the Reformulation of Buddhist Doctrine in Mid-Twentieth Century China"
2) Hiroshi Aoyagi, Kokushikan University. "Idolatry and Consumerism in Protomodern Japan: An Ethnohistoric Approach"
3) Hoa Nguyen, Luther College. "Neither Scriptural nor Non-Scriptural: the Middle Way of Dharma Transmission in Ch'an Buddhism"
4) Erin Pineda, Luther College. "Female Bodies and the 'Buddha Way': Toward a Reinterpretation of Women in the Lotus Sutra
Discussant: Etsuko Kato, International Christian University

Session 14: Room 201
The Meanings of Things: Japanese Material Culture 1905-1945
Chair: Christine Marran, University of Minnesota
Organizer: Sarah Teasley, University of Tokyo.
1) Ayu Majima, International Christian University. "Are Japanese Ugly? The Paradoxical Discourse on Body and 'Beauty' among Male Intellectuals in Early Twentieth Century Japan"
2) Sarah Teasley, University of Tokyo. "Furnishings, Modernity and the Nation: The Rhetoric of Tatami in 1920s and 1930s Japanese Interiors"
3) Makoto Yamaguchi, Kansai University. "The Standardization of 'the Ear' and the Emergence of Collective Desire in Radio History"
4) Lee Pennington, Columbia University. "Stitches and Sutures: Thousand-Stitch Belts, Military Medicine, and Soldiers' Bodies in Wartime Japan"
Discussant: Christine Marran, University of Minnesota

Session 15: Room 209
"Poison Women" and Early Meiji Writing
Organizer / Chair: Matthew C. Strecher, Toyo University
1) Marie Söderberg, Stockholm School of Economics. "A Comparison of Japanese and Swedish Newspapers at the End of the Nineteenth Century"
2) Matthew C. Strecher, Toyo University. "'Poison Woman' Stories and Early Meiji Literary Journalism"
3) Eiko Nordlander, Stockholm University. "On the Strolling Shamisen Player Omatsu's Adventures - Kabuki Plays and the Novel"
4) Ulla Frisk, Stockholm University. "The Female Character in Dokufu Novels in the Early Meiji Period"
Discussant: Staffan Lindström, Stockholm University

Session 16: AV Room, First Floor
Korean Modern Art: Methodological Questions of Cultural Identity and Translation
Organizer / Chair: Doryun Chong, University of California, Berkeley
1) Yisoon Kim, Hong-Ik University. "Situating Postwar Korean Welded Sculpture"
2) Mikyung Kim, Kangnam University. "Rereading Lee Ufan in the Contexts of Japanese Mono-ha, Korean Monotone Painting and Experimental Art"
3) Doryun Chong, University of California, Berkeley. "Minimalism, Modernism, and Monochromism: Korean Monotone Painting and Its Terminological Predicament"
Discussant: Shigeo Chiba, Chubu University.

Session 17: Room 307
Morphing Movements: Change and Collective Action in Japan
Organizer: Christopher Bondy, University of Hawai'i
1) Mariko Ohyama, Ryukoku University. "The Ainu Movement: 1946-1997"
2) Akemi Nakamura, University of Hawai'i. "The Anti-fingerprinting Movement in Japan 1980-1993: The Politicization of the Issue and the Construction of Political Opportunities"
3) Julia Yonetani, University of New South Wales. "The Politics of Time-Space in a Globalized 'Village'"
4) Christopher Bondy, University of Hawai'i. "In with the Good Air, Out with the Bad: Culture: Collective Identity and Social Movement in a Burakumin Community"
Discussant: Chikako Kashiwazaki, Keio University

Session 18: Room 301
The International Order of Asia in the 1930s and 1950s
Organizer / Chair: Tomoko Shiroyama, Hitotsubashi University
1) Tomoko Shiroyama, Hitotsubashi University. "China's Relations with the International Financial System in the 20th Century: Historical Analysis and Contemporary Implications"
2) Shigeru Akita, Osaka University of Foreign Studies. "British Economic Interests and the International Order of Asia in the 1930s"
3) Toru Kubo, Shinshu University. "China's Economic Development and the International Order in Asia, 1930s-50s"
Discussant: Linsun Cheng, University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth

Session 19: Room 308
Poems and Characters: Nukata no Ôkimi, Saigyô, and Abutsu-ni
Organizer / Chair: Torquil Duthie, Columbia University
1) Torquil Duthie, Columbia University. "Nukata no Ôkimi: Poetry, Romance, and History"
2) Jack Stoneman, Columbia University. "Saigyô: Reading the Poems, not the Poet"
3) Christina Laffin, Columbia University. "Abutsu-ni: Wise Mother, Faithful Wife, and Heroine"
Discussant: Gaye Rowley, Waseda University

KEYNOTE ADDRESS 5:55 P.M. - 6:40 P.M.
Main Lecture Hall
Osamu Saito, Hitotsubashi University
"Contrasting Stories: Population and Forests, China and Japan, Traditional and Modern"

RECEPTION 6:45 P.M. - 8:30 P.M.
First Floor Dining Room


BUSINESS MEETING 9:30 P.M. - 9:50 P.M.
Main Lecture Hall


Session 20: Room 208
Reconstructing Gender in the Nara Period
Organizer / Chair: Loren D. Waller, Kyoto Prefectural University
1) John R. Bentley, Northern Illinois University: "A Linguistic View of Gender in the Nara Era"
2) Sayoko Sakakibara, University of Tokyo: "The Significance of Female Rulers: The Emergence of Empresses in Premodern Japan"
3) Loren D. Waller, Kyoto Prefectural University. "The Military Role of Women in the Kojiki"
4) Lori Meeks, Princeton University. "Imagining Princess Hashihito and Empress Kômyô in Kamakura Japan"
Discussant: David Lurie, Columbia University

Session 21: Room 209
Individual Paper Session: Colonial and Postcolonial Politics
Chair: Sanjay Seth, La Trobe University
1) Arnold P. Kaminsky, California State University, Long Beach. "Political Warfare and Propaganda in India During World War II"
2) Minkyu Kim, Hongik University. "The Transmutation of the Modern East Asian World Order and the Sino-Japanese Amity Regulations, 1871: The Creation of the 'Regulation System'"
3) Shinnosuke Tama, Iwate University. "What Were the Reasons Behind the Wartime Immigration of Japanese Farmers to Manchuria?"
4) Hui-yu Caroline Ts'ai, Academia Sinica. "Total War, 'Modernity' and the 'Sphere' as a Discourse"
5) Mariko Urano, Georgetown University. "Inventing Tradition: Reinvention of Adat by the State and Challenging Actors in Colonial and Modern Indonesia"

Session 22: Room 307
Women as Metaphors in the Poetic Construction of Modern Japan
Organizer / Chair: Angela Yiu, Sophia University
1) Angela Yiu, Sophia University. "Women as Metaphors in Tamura Toshiko's Fiction"
2) Kyoko Kurita, Pomona College. "The Role of Women in Meiji Mirai-ki: Temporality and Romanticism"
3) Daniel O'Neill, University of California, Berkeley. "Locating Sympathy and Romance in Sôseki's 'Shumi no iden'"
Discussant: Tomi Suzuki, Columbia University

Session 23: Room 301
Manga/ Film: Japanese Culture and History through Mass Media.
Chair: Yulia Mikhailova, Hiroshima City University
Organizer: Lee Makela, Cleveland State University
1) Yulia Mikhailova, Hiroshima City University. "Intellectuals, Cartoons and Traditions in Meiji Japan"
2) Karen Nakamura, Macalester College. "Asexuality and Polygenderism: Shôjo Shônen Manga at the fin de siècle"
3) Lee Makela, Cleveland State University. "From Metropolis to Metropolis: Initiating a Search for the Soul in the Machine in Japanese and Western Film"
4) Deborah Shamoon, University of California, Berkeley. "Situating the Shôjo in Shôjo Manga"
Discussant: Manabu Watanabe, Nanzan University

Session 24: Room 308
The Politics of Religion in Contemporary China
Organizer / Chair: Yoshiko Ashiwa, Hitotsubashi University
1) Yoshiko Ashiwa, Hitotsubashi University. "Positioning Religion: A Theoretical Approach to Studying Religion in Contemporary Societies"
2) Shiho Murakami, Hitotsubashi University. "Everyday Practice of Religion: The 'Sinicization' of Christianity among Shanghai's Protestants"
3) Carsten T. Vala, University of California, Berkeley. "Believing in the Northeast: Seeking Autonomy among Chinese Christians"
4) David Wank, Sophia University. "The Politics of a Local Religious Field: Buddhism in Xiamen"
Discussant: Rosemarie Bernard, Waseda University

Session 25: Room 201
Re-Assessing the State of Civil Society in Japan
Organizer / Chair: Rieko Kage, Harvard University
1) Daniel P. Aldrich, Harvard University / University of Tokyo. "The Institutions that Bind: Central State Penetration of Japanese Society"
2) Wilhem Vosse, International Christian University. "Japanese Civil Society Revisited"
3) Rieko Kage, Harvard University. "Embracing Democracy: The Promotion of Civic Engagement in Occupied Japan"
Discussants: Andrew Gordon, Harvard University, and Robin LeBlanc, Washington and Lee University


Session 26: Room 208
"Home"-bound: Three Tales of the Diasporic Subject in East Asian Literature
Chair: Eiji Sekine, Purdue University
Organizer: Yoshiko Matsuura, Purdue University
1) Jin Feng, Grinnell College. "The Great (Surrogate) Mother of the West: The Genealogy of Science and Patriotism in Yung Wing's My Life in China and America
2) Catherine Ryu, Michigan State University. "The Re-Marking of Language, Culture, and Identity in Yi Yang Ji's Yuhi"
3) Yoshiko Matsuura, Purdue University. "Dissonance in the Hybrid Self: A Postcolonial Reading of Tachihara Masaaki's Tsurugigasaki"
Discussant: Eiji Sekine, Purdue University

Session 27: Room 209
The Stuff of Poetry: Materiality and the Poetic in 1920s Japan
Organizer / Chair: James Dorsey, Dartmouth College
1) Yasushi Ishii, Keio University. "In Search of the Ideal Media: the Materialities of Japanese Avant-garde Expressions"
2) James Dorsey, Dartmouth College. "Modern Materiality and the Poetic: Kobayashi Hideo's Critical Praxis"
3) Jeffrey Johnson, Michigan Center for Japanese Studies, Hikone. "Hagiwara Sakutarô and the Avant-garde"
Discussant: Keijiro Suga, Meiji University

Session 28: Room 301
Manga, Anime and Contemporary Japanese Spirituality
Organizer / Chair: Mark MacWilliams, St. Lawrence University.
1) Mark MacWilliams, St. Lawrence University. "The Survival of the Kami in Commercial Manga"
2) David Loy, Bunkyo University. "The Dharma of Miyazaki Hayao"
3) Hiroshi Yamanaka, University of Tsukuba. "A Utopia with a Power for Living"
Discussant: Richard Gardner, Sophia University.

Session 29: Room 307
Individual Paper Session: State, Society and Culture in Modern China
Chair: Tom Gill, Meiji Gakuin University
Session cancelled. Two speakers will present in Session 6.

Session 30: Room 308
On the Periphery of the Empire: The Creation of New Racial, Cultural and Gender Identities in Modern Japan
Organizer: Peichen Wu, University of Tsukuba
1) Peichen Wu, University of Tsukuba. "The Representation of the Picture Bride and the Degenerate Female Student: The American-going Boom and the Picture Marriage"
2) Robert Tierney, Stanford University. "Portrait of a Post-colonial Intellectual: Transcending Colonial Binaries in Nakajima Atsushi's 'Mariyan'"
3) Anne Sokolsky, University of California, Berkeley. "No Place to Call Home: Negotiating the 'Third Space' for Returned Japanese-Americans in Tamura Toshiko's 'Bubetsu' (Scorn)"
Discussant: Yukari Yoshihara, University of Tsukuba

Session 31: Room 201
Roundtable: Security Issues in Contemporary Northeast Asia
Chair: Koichiro Matsuda, Rikkyo University
Juchan Kim, Gyeongsang National University
Gavan McCormack, International Christian University
Narushige Michishita, National Institute for Defense Studies
Yasuyo Sakata, Kanda University of International Studies
Hazel Smith, United Nations University