ASCJ  2008: Conference venue and accommodation

The conference will be held on June 21-22, 2008, on the Ikebukuro campus of Rikkyo University in Tokyo. The location of campus can be seen on transport maps in English and Japanese. The maps give directions and times from major points in Tokyo. The university site also offers a map of access to the campus with link to a PDF for printing. This gives directions on how to walk to the the campus from the nearest major station. (Nearer the date of the conference we will provide details of the campus buildings used for the conference sessions.)

The Ikebukuro Campus of Rikkyo University is a short walk from Ikebukuro Station (池 袋駅), a major terminus on the "Yamanote" Line, with many options for JR trains or subways. There are some hotels in or near Ikebukuro itself.

One of the main areas in Tokyo for hotels is Shinjuku, just five minutes from Ikebukuro by train. Shinjuku is home to hotels at a wide range of prices. Shinjuku hotels can easily be found on internet hotel guides such as AsiaroomsExpedia, or Travelocity. For budget accommodation, you may want to look at sites like the following:
"Accomodation in Tokyo for Less than JPY 15,000" (link)
"Cheap Hotels in Tokyo" (link)
If contacting hotels by phone or fax from abroad, add the country code for Japan (81).

If you decide to look further afield, there are many hotels within a short subway or train ride away. Many sites list the hotels in terms of the nearest major station. Areas with many hotels include Shibuya, Shinagawa, and Ginza.

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