The Twelfth Asian Studies Conference Japan (ASCJ)


Changes to the Printed Program of ASCJ 2008.


After the conference program was printed, a number of presenters informed us that they would not be able to participate. The following papers are canceled.


Session 6: Individual Papers on Japanese History and Religion

Patrick Shorb, University of Minnesota, Morris

Ruling Through gEyesh and Not gHandsh: Urban Poverty, Urban Shopkeepers, and the Japanese State, 1918–1943


Session 8: Individual Papers on Premodern Chinese Culture

Xiaojing Sun, University of California, Berkeley

Daqu (gBig Suiteh) and Medieval Court Performance


Session 12: Individual Papers on East Asian Politics

Karl Wu, University of British Columbia

In the Name of a Nation: Kobayashi Yoshinorifs Nationalist Writing and the Name-Rectification Movement in Taiwan


Session 14: Individual Papers on Community Activism in Asia

Diana Mendoza, Ateneo de Manila University

The Womenfs Movement, Congress, and the Anti-Violence Against Women Law in the Philippines


Session 16: Individual Papers on Japanese Literature and Art

Elaine Gerbert, University of Kansas

Crime and Mechanized Vision in the Illegible City: Literary Treatments of Tokyo in the 1920s


Session 22: Individual Papers on the Colonial Experience and Empire

Inhye Kang, McGill University

Panoramas and World Fairs: The Staging of the Japanese Empire at International Fairs


Session 33: Modernization and Internationalization in Bakumatsu/Meiji Japan: Literary and Historical Perspectives on the Individuals involved in the Transformation of a Nation

Tad Wellman, University of Hawaiei

Discourses of Modernization in gThe Story of the She-Devil Takashi Odenh: A Theory of Early Meiji Narrative



There will also two changes to the following panel:


Session 7: Reconsidering Ethnographic Methodologies for Social Science Research on Contemporary Japanese Culture


(1) Ethnographically gThickh or gThinh? The Limits and Challenges of Participant Observation in Tokyo Hostess Clubs

@@ This paper by Nana Okura, Yale University will be read by Isaac Gagne, Yale University.


(2) The discussant Kimio Ito, Kyoto University, is unable to attend.