ASCJ 2008 - Information

Dear Colleagues,

  This letter, sent to all organizers of ASCJ panels and roundtables, contains some basic information that we hope will help with the final stages of planning.

1) Time and Place of Your Session.

2)  Panel Presentations

Make sure that all presenters in your session have sent copies of their papers to the discussant so that the discussant is able to prepare meaningful comments.

3)  Equipment Requests

4) Managing Your Session

5) Other information
The conference will be held on the Ikebukuro campus of Rikkyo University.  [Venue/accommodation page]

Building No. 5 is set back from the main street, opposite the main gates of Rikkyo University.
The nearest subway exit is C3. Turn right after coming to street level and you will come to the campus area in about one minute. You will see Building No. 5 on your right.

Registration will begin at 9:15 a.m. on Saturday, June 21
Registration: Entrance, Building No. 5.
Book Display: First floor, Building No. 5.
Sessions will be held on the first, second, and third floors of Building No. 5. See the program [PDF] for room numbers.

The “Ivy” Cafeteria (Building No. 5, basement) and Cafeteria No. 1 (“Daiichi Shokudō” in the main campus area across the road) will serve a variety of foods at lunchtime on Saturday. Please note that “Ivy” will stop serving lunch at 1 p.m. on Saturday. There are few alternatives available in the immediate vicinity. Food can also be bought from nearby convenience stores. No food or refreshments can be consumed in the classrooms in Building No. 5, but there are seats outside the building and in the lounge across from the “Ivy” Cafeteria.

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