ASCJ 2009: Sophia University

The Thirteenth Asian Studies Conference Japan (ASCJ 2009) will be held on the Yotsuya campus of Sophia University in Tokyo, on the weekend of 20-21 June, 2009. If you attended any of our conferences at Sophia before, please note that the venue this time is the main campus next to Yotsuya station on the JR Chuo Line (Kojimachi exit). The campus can also be reached by the Maruouchi and Nanboku subway lines. The sessions will be held at the back of the campus, in Building 11. Signs with this year's ASCJ poster (image above) will be placed at strategic points to guide you through the campus.
Note that on Sunday, the only entry to the campus is by the Main Gate, past St. Ignatius Church.

Here are a few photos to help you find your way from JR Yotsuya Station to Building 11.

Leaving the ticket barrier at Yotsuya Station, look for signs for Sophia University (Jōchi Daigaku 上智大学). Take the Kōjimachi Exit.

When you come to street level, turn to the right.

You will be able to see the tall white building of Sophia University on the other side of the crossing. The building on the corner is St. Ignatius Church.

Cross to the other corner and go into the university by one of the gates. The North Gate, to the left of St. Ignatius Church, is the closest gate on Saturday. On Sunday, only the Main Gate is open on Sunday. Walk along the small road to the right of the church to reach the Main Gate.

Again we recommend that you print out the official university map of the campus. Note the location of Building 11 on the far right.

Go to the far end of the central axis, past the library (on the left in this photograph).

You will come to a sign for Building 11 and the cafeteria (shokudō 食堂).

Turn left to reach Building 11.

Building 11 has a cafeteria in the basement. On the ground floor there is a covered atrium, shown in the photo. The registration desk will be in the glassed-off lobby. Refreshments can be bought from the automatic dispensers here or (Saturday only) from the cafeteria. The sessions will be held on floors 2, 3, 4, 5. See the program for details.

ASCJ 2009