ASCJ 2014 Request for formal letter of invitation

If you are on the program for ASCJ 2014, we can provide you with a formal letter of invitation. Check the list of accepted roundtables, panels, and individual papers  to confirm that we have included you in the program.

To request a formal letter of invitation, please use this webform.
Once we have confirmed that you have been accepted as a participant in the conference, we will send the letter by PDF attachment to the e-mail address you provide below.

Please note that ASCJ does not have funds to provide help with travel or accommodation costs, and it cannot act as sponsor for visa applications.

Please provide information in the spaces below and click SEND.

Professor Mr. Ms. Mrs. Dr.
Your name:
Personal name (first name)

Surname (family name)
Name of university
in program as: participant in roundtable
participant in a panel
individual paper presenter

Panel and roundtable participants: give the name of the organizer of the panel/roundtable
Individual paper presenters: give the title of your paper.


How do you want us to address the letter of invitation?
  1. to me personally
  2. "To Whom It May Concern"
  3. to the person named below

Addressee of letter.
If you answer "3." above, give the title and name of person you want the letter addressed to.

If you have any questions or comments, please add them here.

A copy of the information you provided will automatically be sent to the email address you gave above. You might also want to print this form to keep a record.

Now click SEND to submit the information to ASCJ. You will be given a chance to confirm your information once more. 

If you have trouble sending this web form, please send the information to the following address.
It would aid us if you include the subject line: ASCJ request for letter

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