Registration and Payments
for Advertisers and Exhibitors

The Sixteenth
Rikkyo University, Tokyo
June 30 - July 1, 2012

The ASCJ accepts advertisements in its annual conference program.

The ASCJ also provides exhibition space for publishers and other organizations at its conference site.  We ask book exhibitors to take out either a full-page advertisement or half-page advertisement in the program. 

For details, see the following information sheets in English and Japanese


Full-page advertisement 20,000 yen
Half-page advertisement 10,000 yen
Leaflet insert 10,000 yen

Details of the advertisement
The standard size for a full-page advertisement in the conference program is B5 (182 mm by 257 mm) in black-and-white format. Please send a copy of the advertisement to us no later than May 25. The advertisement should be sent by email attachment in PDF format to with the following subject: program advertisement.

If you require an invoice (請求書) from us before your institution can make a payment, please indicate so below in section 6 of the webform. 

For all questions about advertisements and book exhibits, please contact Professor Mark Caprio (Rikkyo University) <>.

Asian Studies Conference Japan
c/o Professor Mark Caprio
Rikkyo University
3-34-1 Nishi-Ikebukuro
171-8501 Tokyo, Japan    
Tel: 81-(0) 3-3985-4190     
Fax: 81-(0)3-3985-4867     

 Methods of payment

1) Credit card (VISA/Mastercard only)
Complete the credit card form and fax to 03-3985-4190 from inside Japan
or to +81- 3-3985-4190 from outside Japan.

You can download the form here:

ascj-cc-advertiser.pdf (Adobe portable document format)
ascj-cc-advertiser.doc (Microsoft Word document)

When you have faxed your details, please complete the Confirmation of payments form below.

2) Domestic bank transfer (ginko furikomi) (available to Japan residents only)

Pay the appropriate fee to the following account:
Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Mitaka Branch, futsû kôza 1106823.

三菱東京UFJ銀行  三鷹支店  普通口座 1106823
Account name:  ニホンアジアケンキユウガツカイ パトリシア スイツペル

Any bank transfer fees are the responsibility of the sender. When you have completed the bank transfer, please complete the Confirmation of payments form below. 

Confirmation of payments by credit card or bank transfer

After completing payment by credit card (fax) or bank transfer, please fill out this form. A copy will automatically be sent to you. However, do not consider that your registration is complete until you have received a personal email response from ASCJ.

Personal name (first name)

Surname (family name)
Company Name:

Company name

Please write your name (or company name) as it appears on your credit card or bank account. This will help us in identifying the payment you have made.
(Note to those paying by bank transfer: if the name of your bank account is in kanji or katakana, please use Japanese in the space above.)
E-mail address:

Contact email address
Postal address:

If your institution needs an invoice before payment can be made, please check the following boxes, then go on to section 7 ("Details").
invoice required
by post to address aboveby PDF attachment to email address above

If you have completed payment for advertisements and/or leaflet inserts in conference program, please fill out the following:

I completed payment for advertisements and/or leaflet inserts in conference program on
by credit card details (see my fax) bank transfer. 

If you have requested an invoice, please indicate the anticipated date of the payment below.

method of payment: 

20,000 yen (full page advertisement)
10,000 yen (half page advertisement)
10,000 yen (leaflet insert)
yen in total
(not including bank transfer fees)
Exhibition Space:
Are you also applying for exhibition space?
Please discuss your requirements with Prof. Mark Caprio <>
Optional space to send additional information, instructions, or queries to ASCJ

After you click SEND, you will see a confirmation page.

If the confirmation page contains MOJIBAKE of Japanese text,
please set the encoding to JAPANESE (SHIFT JIS).

If you are unable to use the form, please send an email message to ASCJ ( and let us know the amount you have paid, giving the other details requested above.

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