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Design is a plan for arranging elementsin such a way
as best to accomplish a particular purpose
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Ken Hiraiwa

The Syntax of the World's Languages and Human Mind

Journal Articles

Hiraiwa, Ken in progress. Introduction to Internally-Headed Relative Clauses.Glossa: A Journal of General Linguistics.
| DOI: | PDF |

Hiraiwa, Ken, George Akanlig-Pare, Sam Atintono, Adams Bodomo, Komlan Essizewa, and Hudu Husheini. (under review). Some Observations on the Syntax and Semantics of Internally-Headed Relative Clauses in Gur.
| DOI: | PDF |

Hiraiwa, Ken (2015). NP-Ellipsis: A Comparative Syntax of Japanese and Okinawan. Natural Language & Linguistic Theory. Springer.
| DOI: 10.1007/s11049-015-9324-6 | PDF |

Hiraiwa, Ken (2012). The Mechanism of Inverted Relativization: A Silent Linker and Inversion in Japanese. Journal of Linguistics. Cambridge University Press.
| DOI: 10.1017/S0022226712000126 | PDF |

Hiraiwa, Ken and Shinichiro Ishihara (2012). Syntactic Metamorphosis. Syntax: A Journal of Theoretical, Experimental, and Interdisciplinary Research. 15(2): 142–180. Willey-Blackwell.
| DOI: 10.1111/j.1467-9612.2011.00164.x | PDF |

Hiraiwa, Ken (2010). Complement Types and the CP/DP Parallelism: A Case of Japanese (a commentary on Haegeman and Ürögdi (2010)). Theoretical Linguistics. 36(2): 189-198. Mouton de Gruyter.
| DOI: 10.1515/ THLI.2010.013 | PDF |

Hiraiwa, Ken (2010). Spelling Out the Double-o Constraint. Natural Language & Linguistic Theory. Springer. 28(3): 723-770. Springer.
| DOI: 10.1007/s11049-010-9098-9 | PDF |

Hiraiwa, Ken (2010). Scrambling to the Edge. Syntax: A Journal of Theoretical, Experimental, and Interdisciplinary Research. Willey-Blackwell. 13(2):133–164
| DOI: 10.1111/j.1467-9612.2009.00135.x | PDF |

Bodomo, Adams and Ken Hiraiwa (2009). Relativization in Dagaare and Its Typological Implications: Left-Headed But Internally-Headed. Lingua. Elsevier. 120(4):953-983.
| DOI: 10.1016/j.lingua.2009.06.008 | PDF |

Hiraiwa, Ken (2009). Kakarimusubi in Okinawan and Its Microparametric Implications. Snippets. Issue 19: 13-14. | PDF |

Hiraiwa, Ken and Adams Bodomo (2008). Object-Sharing as Symmetric Sharing: Predicate Clefting and Serial Verbs in Dagaare. Natural Language & Linguistic Theory. Springer. 26(4): 795-832.
| DOI: 10.1007/s11049-008-9056-y | PDF |

Hiraiwa, Ken (2005). Predicate Clefts in Buli: Categories and Phases. In R. Letsholo and N.C. Kula (eds.) Linguistic Analysis. A special volume: African Linguistics in the New Millennium. 32(3/4): 544-583. | PDF |


Books/Book Chapters/Edited Volumes

Hiraiwa, Ken. In press. Internally-Headed Relative Clauses. In The Companion to Syntax (2nd Edition). Wiley-Blackwell. | PDF |

Hiraiwa, Ken. (2016). Shizengengo Suushi no Shintakusu (The syntax of numerals in Natural Languages). In Koji Fujita and Yoshiki Nishimura (eds.) A Unified Approach to Syntax and Lexicon. Kaitakusha. Tokyo. | PDF |

Hiraiwa, Ken. (2016). Kanrensei Zyooken kara Mita Shuyoobu Naizaigata Kankeisetsu no Shomondai. In Koji Fujita and Yoshiki Nishimura (eds.) A Unified Approach to Syntax and Lexicon. Kaitakusha. Tokyo. | PDF |

Hiraiwa, Ken (2014). Constraining Doubling. Identity Relations in Grammar (Studies in Generative Grammar). (eds.) Kiniya Nasukawa and Henk van Riemsdijk. 225-254, Mouton de Gruyter. | PDF |

Hiraiwa, Ken (2012). Kuroda’s "Left-headedness" and Linkers. The Proceedings of Japanese/Korean Linguistics 20. CSLI/The University of Chicago Press.321–336. | PDF |

Mihara, Ken-ichi and Hiraiwa, Ken (2006). Shin Nihingo-no Toogokoozoo. Shohakusha, Tokyo. 372 pages. | Purchase |

Hiraiwa, Ken (2005). Dimensions of Symmetry in Syntax: Agreement and Clausal Architecture.

Ph.D Dissertation. Massachusetts Institute of Technology. [Supervisor: Noam Chomsky]. 373 pages. | PDF |

Hiraiwa, Ken, et al. (2004). Minimalist Approaches to Clause Structure (MITWPL #51). (eds.) Ken Hiraiwa and Joseph Sabbagh. Cambridge, MA: MITWPL.

Hiraiwa, Ken, et al. (2002). The Proceedings of FAJL4 (MITWPL #41). (eds.) Maria Cristina Cuervo, Daniel Harbour, Ken Hiraiwa, and Shin-ichiro Ishihara. Cambridge, MA: MITWPL.

Hiraiwa, Ken (2001). Nominative-Genitive Conversion Revisited. In Noriko Akatsuka (ed.), Japanese/Korean Linguistics 10. 546-559. CSLI/The University of Chicago Press. | PDF |

Conference Proceedings/Others

Hiraiwa, Ken (2015). The QP Syntax: Noun Class, Case, and Augment. The Proceedings of NELS 45 (Volume Two). GLSA: Amherst, MA. | PDF | 1–10.

Chino, Yukiko and Hiraiwa, Ken (2014). Coordination and the Head Parameter. (An eletronic version of the poster presented at the 88th Annual Meeting of LSA). | PDF |

Hiraiwa, Ken (2013). Decomposion of Indefinite Pronouns. The Proceedings of the Workshop on Syntax and Semantics at Fuji Woman's University. Sapporo. 53–68. | PDF |

Hiraiwa, Ken (2012). Theoretical Linguistics and Field Linguistics. Nihongogaku (A special issue on Field Linguistics and Grammar). 60–67. Meiji Shoin: Tokyo. [written in Japanese] | PDF |

Hiraiwa, Ken (2010). The Syntactic OCP. In Yukio Otsu (ed.) The Proceedings of the 11th Tokyo Conference on Psycholinguistics. 35–56. Hituzi: Tokyo. | PDF |

Hiraiwa, Ken (2009). A Note on the Typology of Head-Internal Relativization.In Peter K. Austin, Oliver Bond, onik Charette, David Nathan and Peter Sells (eds.) The Proceedings of Conference on Language Documentation and Linguistic Theory 2 (LDLT2). 123–131. SOAS, University of London. London, UK. | PDF |

Hiraiwa, Ken (2009). The Head-Internal Relativization Parameter in Gur. In The Proceedings of the NELS 38 (Volume 1). 297-310. GLSA: Amherst, MA. | PDF |

Hiraiwa, Ken and Adams Bodomo (2008). Object Sharing as Symmetric Sharing: Evidence from Dagaare. In The Proceedings of the WCCFL 26. 243-251. Cascadilla Press: Sommerville, MA. | PDF |
Hiraiwa, Ken (2005). The Morphosyntax of the EPP and C in Buli. In The Proceedings of the NELS 35 (Volume 2). 267-278. Amherst, MA.: GLSA. | PDF |

Hiraiwa, Ken (2005). Indeterminate-Agreement: Some Consequences for the Case System. In Ken Hiraiwa and Joey Sabbagh (eds.). MITWPL #50. 93-128. Cambridge, MA.: MITWPL. | PDF |

Bodomo, Adams and Ken Hiraiwa (2004). Relativization in Dagaare. Journal of Dagaare Studies 4, 53-75. | PDF |

Hiraiwa, Ken (2003). Relativization in Buli. In Michael Kenstowicz (ed.) Studies in Buli Grammar. Working Papers on Endangered and Less Familiar Languages #4 (WPELFL 4). 45-84. Cambridge, MA.: MITWPL. | PDF |

Hiraiwa, Ken (2003). Eliminating PBC: Multiple Spell-Out, Scrambling and the Edge Operation. In The Proceedings of the 26th Penn Linguistics Colloquium. UPenn Working Papers in Linguistics 9:1. 89-103. Philadelphia, PA.: University of Pennsylvania. | PDF |

Hiraiwa, Ken (2002). Facets of Case: on the Nature of the Double-O Constraint. In Yukio Otsu (ed.) The Proceedings of the 3rd Tokyo Psycholinguistics Conference (TCP 2002).139-163. Tokyo: Hituzi Publishers. | PDF |

Hiraiwa, Ken (2002). Indeterminate Agreement and Varieties of Raising in Japanese. (This paper was accepted for WCCFL 21 but not in the proceedings). | PDF |

Hiraiwa, Ken and Shin-ichiro Ishihara (2002). Missing Links: Cleft, Sluicing and 'No da' Construction in Japanese). In The Proceedings of HUMIT 2001. MITWPL #43. 35-54. Cambridge, MA.: MITWPL. | PDF |

Hiraiwa, Ken (2002). EPP: Object Shift and Stylistic Fronting in Scandinavian. In The Proceedings of The 20th West Coast Conference on Formal Linguistics (WCCFL XX).290-303. Somerville, MA.: Cascadilla Press. | PDF |

Hiraiwa, Ken (2001). Multiple Agree and the Defective Intervention Constraint in Japanese. In Ora Matsushansky et. al. (eds.), The Proceedings of the MIT-Harvard Joint Conference (HUMIT 2000) MITWPL #40. 67-80. Cambridge, MA.: MITWPL. | PDF |

Hiraiwa, Ken (2001). On Nominative-Genitive Conversion. In Ora Matushansky and Elena Guerzoni (eds.), A Few From Building E-39. MIITPWL #39. 66-123. Cambridge, MA.: MITWPL. | PDF |