Yasunori Fukuoka

Personal Data
Ph.D. in Sociology:
University of Tsukuba, 2003
Sociology, Especially Relating to Ethnic and Social Minority Groups in Japan
Professor, Faculty of Liberal Arts, Saitama University

1) Lives of Young Koreans in Japan, Melbourne: Trans Pacific Press, 2000.
2) Kikitori no Giho: eShakaigaku Suruf koto e no Shôtai (Interview-based Research Technique: An Invitation to eDo Sociologyf) (Japanese), Sôshisha, 2000.
3) Zainichi Kankoku-Chôsenjin: Wakai Sedai no Aidentiti (Japan-resident Koreans: The Identity of the Younger Generation) (Japanese), Chuo Kôron, 1993.