Tokugawa Society and Travel Culture,
As Seen in Maps, Illustrations (ezu), and Travelogues

August, 2006
The University of British Columbia
Vancouver, Canada

August 4 (Friday): 14:00-16:00

Exhibition of Beans Maps at Room 227, the Irving K. Barber Centre
Tomoko Goto, Ralph Stanton (UBC): Introduction to the Beans Collection
    Bronwen Sprout (UBC): The Digitization of the Beans Maps

August 5 (Saturday): 8:30-17:30, Conference Room, C. K. Choi Building

Session 1 (8:30-10:30): New Approaches to Maps, Illustrations, and Diaries

Nam-lin Hur (UBC): Chair and Discussant
Azio Fukuta (Kanagawa): 名所図会による生活絵引き編纂の試み
Itoko Kitahara (Kanagawa): 近世の日記にみる旅と災害
Shino Yamamoto (Tabinobunka): 富士信仰と洞穴:「人穴」と「御胎内」にみる近世庶民

Coffee break: 10:30-10:45

Session 2 (10:45-12:15): Religious Sites and Geographic Imagination

Peter Nosco (UBC): Chair and Discussant    
Max Moerman (Barnard): The Buddhist World Map and the Tokugawa Cartographic
Fumiko Umezawa (Keisen): Development of Pilgrimage to Osorezan in Tokugawa Japan

Session 3 (13:30-15:00): Famous Places and Travel Guides

Max Moerman (Barnard): Chair and Discussant
Kären Wigen (Stanford): Coming Into Focus: The Depiction of Mountains in Edo Atlases and
Monika Dix (UBC): Adventures of Commoners on the Road to Famous Places: Pleasures and
Dangers of the Tôkaidô

Coffee break: 15:00-15:15

Session 4 (15:15-17:30): Travel Diaries, City Maps, and Literary Works

Christina Laffin (UBC): Chair and Discussant
Sayoko Sakakibara (Stanford): The Development of Edo Slums and Saiankoku no Tokyo (In
Darkest Tokyo), a “Guidebook” to the Underside of Tokyo
Hidemi Shiga (UBC): Edo Women on the Road: Pleasures and Hardships in Travel Diaries
Kazuaki Komine (Rikkyo): 円仁、成尋ら留学僧の「求法の旅」と異文化交流