Bernhard Scheid and Mark Teeuwen, eds.  The Culture of Secrecy in
Japanese Religion. London and New York: Routledge, 2006. 416 pp.

Table of Contents

Preface (B. Scheid)
1. Introduction: Japan's medieval culture of secrecy from a comparative perspective (M. Teeuwen)
Part 1: Prologue
2. Secrets and secrecy in the study of religion: Comparative views on secrecy from the Ancient World (A. DeJong)
3. The problem of secrecy in Indian Tantric Buddhism (R. Davidson)
4. Myth and secrecy in Tang-period Tantric Buddhism (M. Lehnert)
Part 2: Japan’s Medieval Culture of Secrecy
5. Secrecy in Japanese esoteric Buddhism (F. Rambelli)
6. Reconsidering the taxonomy of the esoteric: Hermeneutical and ritual practices of the Lotus sutra (L. Dolce)
7. Knowing vs. owning a secret: Secrecy in medieval Japan, as seen through the sokui kanjo enthronement unction (M. Teeuwen)
8. Secrecy, sex and apocrypha: Remarks on some paradoxical phenomena (N. Iyanaga)
9. Esotericism in Noh commentaries and plays: Konparu Zenchiku's Meishukushu and Kakitsubata (S. Klein)
10. The elephant in the room: The cult of secrecy in Japanese Tantrism (B. Faure)
11. Myths, rites, and icons: Three views of a secret (A. Kadoya)
12. Two modes of secrecy in the Nihon shoki transmission  (B. Scheid)
Part 3: The Demise of Secrecy
13. When secrecy ends: The Tokugawa reformation of Tendai Buddhism and its implication (W. Bodiford)
14. Hiding the shoguns: Secrecy and the nature of political authority in Tokugawa Japan (A. Walthall)
15. "Esoteric" and "public" in late Mito thought (K. Nakai)
Culture of Secrecy (cover)

ISBN: 0415387132
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