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Why the links to

When a book is in print, I have tried to add a link to the unique page for the publication on This has been done as a service for list-members and other readers of these pages, to make it easier to learn about publications in the field and (if they so choose) to order. One handy thing about the links is that they show you the ISBN--just hold your cursor over the link and it will be displayed at the bottom of your browser. It is possible if you prefer to use this bibliographical data to order elsewhere, supporting your struggling university bookstore or corner bookshop. In personal orders I have had good service from Amazon in ordering both old and new books. For convenience in making weblinks, Amazon is much the easiest, as links are based around the ISBN number. Another reason I chose Amazon is for their international coverage through their US (, British (, German (, French (, You only need to sign up once to order books from any branch, except the Japanese ( Note that all these links tell Amazon that you have come from pmjs (see next).

Why did the pmjs editor decide to register as an Amazon Associate?

Registration as an Amazon Associate means that Amazon tracks which links are clicked on, and how many people have used the links (thousands of "click-throughs" to date). As a list-owner it is always nice to know whether or not one's efforts are useful or not. In this case I know that the links are actively used, and this encourages me to go on adding links. The identity of those who click and those who go on to purchase is kept private--rest assured. However a small commission is paid if a "click through" leads to a purchase, of that item or of any other. Every year, several hundred dollars' worth of books were purchased through these pmjs links. Good for authors and academic publishers. The total commissions are paid in form of gift certificates. Commissions are never likely to amount to very much, but they are a good way to support off-line activities of the mailing list--get-togethers, for example. So far the commissions have gone toward keeping down costs at small pmjs kenkyukai and yearly bônenkai held in Tokyo.

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