The logs are designed to provide a simple view, month by month, of messages to the pmjs list. Wheareas the selected public archives at


have been extensively tidied up, both to look better and to preserve member privacy, these logs were produced by simple cut and paste, with a minimal amount of editorial intervention. By making the logs simpler to produce, I hope to keep up better with the pace of messages.

Certain types of messages have not been included:

  • messages sent in error
  • job advertisements, scholarship announcements, and the like, where the deadline is long past
  • Messages about "upcoming" academic conferences, now long past, have been included as a matter of record.

    Editorial principles include the following:

    As these logs are in a password-protected part of the pmjs website, e-mail addresses have been retained, as have most longer signatures.

  • Unnecessary carriage returns have not been systematically removed.
  • Long quotations have been manually edited out.
  • Long signatures have on occasion been manually edited.
  • The following phrases have been edited out from headers:
  • (in earlier logs the url points to ~watson/pmjs...)

  • Messages have been separated by single ruler. "Threads" (topics) have been separated by double rulers like the example above. Some minor reordering has been done to keep messages on the same topic together. This has not always been feasible when a new topic continues to overlap with an older topic.

    The order of messages follows the date/time in the "Received" column of my mail software, as this reflects more accurately the time that messages were sent out by the ListBot server. The problem with the "Sent" date/time is that unless the "time zone" has been set correctly on the sender's computer, a message sent from Japan may appear to have been written well after a later message from California.

    (For the curious, look at the "Date" column of messages in the log. If the hour is followed by ""+0900" this indicates a sender in Japan, 9 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time. " -0700 (MST)" indicates one in Colorado, 7 hours behind GMT. The time given in the e-mail heading is the local time the message was sent. However when the message appears in a list with others, times will be adjusted to GMT so as to indicate the actual chronological order.)

    Michael Watson (2001/01/27)