suupaa nipponika raito-ban"
スーパー・ニッポニカ ライト版 -->back

And finally the one that is beyond most individuals' research budgets (260,000 yen) "Kadokawa koten taikan Genji monogatari CD-ROM" was produced by a team under the academic direction of Professor Ii Haruki (Osaka University)--well known to many on this list. It includes a transcription of the Ooshima text, Yoomei-bunko text, Hohan text, and a Kawachi-bon text. Search by part of speech, waka (including waka alluded to), geneological tables...

> [ 著編者 ]
> [
内容 ]
源氏物語の主要な本文(校訂本文・翻刻本文[大島本・陽明文庫本・保坂本・尾州家河 内本])を収録。語彙・分類・品詞別など8つの検索機能と和歌一覧などの資料を搭載させた研究者、図書館・博物館必備のアイテム。 -->back

P.S. The Iwanami Genji monogatari CD-ROM costs 12,000 yen, not 11,000 as I wrote, and is based on the Shoo-oo 3 (承応版本) e-iri edition, i.e. it is an illustrated edition. The Edo text was checked against the Taisei and ShinNKBT texts

> 底本に承応3年の刊本(絵入)を用いる.諸本との比較を容易にするために,『源氏物 語大成』の位置情報や新日本古典文学大系との校異を付し,本文の検索をしながら,これらを自由に参照できる.-->back

21-daishu (Shoohoo-bon)
edited: Nakamura Yasuo, Tachikawa Yoshihito, Sugita Mayuko.
price: 12,000 yen. Distributed by Iwanami shoten
ISBN 4-00-130094-X C3892
published July 28, 1999

Japanese: 二十一代集  〔正保版本〕CDROM
中村 康夫,立川 美彦,杉田 まゆ子 監修
728 発行 -->back

Konjaku Mojikyo" (今昔文字鏡) -->back

"Nichigai nandokugo koyumei daijiten" 日外難読語・固有名大辞典 -->back

Message from Morgan Pitelka

MacReader Pro thought that the character "te " was the
character "men ," but I taught it the correct character, a function called
gakushuu 学習, and on the next image, it didn't make the same mistake). Then
you save the text file and can use it in documents however you please.

The program is by no means perfect. Very subtle differences in character
shape are difficult. For example, I have been unable to teach the program to
distinguish between the kanji meaning two, "ni " and the katakana
character "ni " which are of course slightly different. But it is easy to
go over the text and find these small mistakes.

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