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    The option "messages as they come" means that messages will arrive after a delay of few minutes.  
    The daily digest version contains all the mail of the day (minus messages sent in error). It is usually sent out around 23:45 JST. If there is no mail, there is no digest.   
    The weekly digest is usually sent out at the weekend.
    If you stopped PMJS mail temporarily, when on holiday for example, and now want to start getting it again, please choose one of the first three settings—this means I don't need to check what kind of subscription you had before.

If your affiliation has changed, write the information here, otherwise it can be left it blank.
Optional. You are very welcome to change your online profile. Have a look to see if your current profile is up to date: pmjs members database
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To reduce the chance of addresses being "harvested" by spammers' automatic program, all  addresses listed online have [at] substituted for @. 

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If there is mojibake in the next page, please change the encoding to "Shift-J." If you have forgotten to enter your email address, there will be an error message. Return to this page and try again.

Michael Watson. Meiji Gakuin University, Yokohama.
e-mail: watson[at]

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