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"PMJS Papers" is an online collection of papers in premodern or early modern Japanese studies. Articles, translations and book reviews may be submitted. Professional notes including syllabi are also welcome. Each item will carry a note to indicate whether it is work in progress, a finished but unpublished piece, or work that has appeared elsewhere, in print or on the web. The copyright of each piece belongs to the original author. Materials may be freely downloaded and printed out, but should not be stored on other websites. Instead, please link to this page:

PDF file format will be used for all complex documents, especially those using footnotes and/or kanji. Simpler documents will be offered in web page format (html). PDF format presents the paper as it was written, with full formatting, layout and annotation. If you do not have Japanese fonts installed, you should first download the free CJK font pack from Adobe. See the technical note below on PDF.

Ivo Smits, "Reading the New Ballads: Late Heian kanshi poets and Bo Juyi"

Michael Scanlon, "The Rise of the Modern Japanese Novel: Towards a neo-Darwinian approach to literary history"

Robert Borgen, "Japanese Nationalism: Ancient and Modern"


How should files be sent to the list editor?
Files should be sent to by e-mail attachment in either Microsoft Word (Windows/Mac) or RTF (rich text format). If you have already converted to PDF, that would be very acceptable. Please use footnotes unless you have a strong preference for endnotes. Format as normal. It is now possible to use the macron, but if you wish, you can substitute the macron with the circumflex.

What is PDF?
PDF stands for Portable Document Format, Adobe's widely-used file format for the exchange of electronic texts. To read and print PDF files, you require the software Acrobat Reader. You may very well have this already. If not, you can download it from Adobe. (Note that other software can read PDF files, like "Preview" for Mac OSX.)

The kanji included in these PDF files will display correctly on Japanese systems of Mac/Windows. If you use another language system, you can still read PDF files that include Japanese fonts as well as Traditional and Simplified Chinese and Korean provided you download the free CJK font pack from Adobe. If Japanese fonts are not installed, some PDF files will not display correctly.

How do I download and view a PDF file?
Click on one of the PDF version links above. The file will begin downloading immediately. With the latest versions of many browsers, the PDF file will display in the browser window itself. To save a copy to your hard disk, use the right click button (Windows) or control-click (Mac).

If you are using an older system, check your browser's Download Manager to monitor the download. The PDF file will be saved on your hard disk in a location set by your browser Preferences. When the file has downloaded, open it with Adobe Reader.

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