(日本語) 明治学院大学 映画上映会&トークセッション 「シリアに生まれて」


  • 講 師 :阿部浩己氏、赤阪むつみ氏
  • 言 語 :日本語
  • 参加申込 :参加無料、事前申込不要
  • 日時 : 2019.05.16[木] 15:05~18:15
  • 場所 :明治学院大学 横浜校舎 地 図  7号館1階712教室



Japanese Lawyers International Solidarity Association (JALISA) has participated in fact finding missions in 2016 and 2019 about the extrajudicial killings in Philippines.

An alarming situation was revealed. People who are fighting for the betterment of society, who are protecting freedom of speech, and upholding human rights and dignity are killed. Given this situation the following questions are presented:

1)    What can we do as a country that has strong ties with Filipino people to at least mitigate the situation?

2)    How can we help address the issues?

Initially, we have invited guest speakers from the Philippines who can tell us about the current situation of the sugar workers and the massive human rights violations.

We are cordially inviting you to attend to a lecture on Philippine situation.


Time table

13:00 Opening Program

13:20 Film Showing “Bitter Reality of a Sweet Banana(78min)

15:00     Introduction: EJK in the Philippine by Dr. Kayoko Teshigawara

15:10-15:50  Talk1: “The Suppression of Workers` Rights: Fabricated Cases, Custody, Threats, and EJK of Human Rights Advocates and Human Rights Lawyers” by Ms. Ma Clarizza Singson-Dagatan

15:50-16:30  Talk2: “The Workers` Fight For Land, Landlordism and Labor Cases in Haciendas in Negros Island” by Mr. John Milton M. Lozande

16:30 Q & A

17:00 End



Ma Clarizza Singson-Dagatan

Officer of KARAPATAN (national human rights alliance)

John Milton M. Lozande

National Secretary General of NFSW、Secretary General of UMA



In a banana farm, people are affected with chemical air spray or pesticide. Their drinking water is polluted. (78mins.)


■ Date: Saturday, May 18th, 2019   13:00-17:00

■ Venue:Room 2101, B1F, Building No.2, Shirokane Campus, Meiji Gakuin University

■ Language:English

■ Application:Unnecessary

■ Fee:¥800 (for handout will be solicited)


Organizer:Japan Lawyers International Solidarity Association (JALISA)

◆ Support Org:International Peace Research Institute, Meiji Gakuin University(PRIME), FoE Japan, PARC, Tokyo Occupational Safety & Health Center, Labor Now