Public Seminar

【Public Seminar】Political Challenges to Democracy:The Enemy Within


  • 講 師 :ケヴィン・クレメンツ、中野晃一、玉本偉、高原孝生
  • 言 語 :日本語、英語(逐次通訳あり)
  • 参加申込 :事前申込み不要、参加費不要
  • 日時 : 2016.05.13[金] 14:30~16:30
  • 場所 :明治学院大学 白金校舎 地 図  本館8F81会議室(開場:14:00)

Kevin Clements will give a short conceptual talk to frame the conversation which will focus attention on the ways in which political leaders in Japan and elsewhere are engaged in a systematic subversion of democratic political processes. This is manifested in the promotion of a national security state and the manipulation of politics to this end.

【Date】:Friday, May 13th, 2016, 14:30-16:30 (Hall opens at 14:00)

【Venue】:81 conference room, 8th floor, Main building, at Shirokane Campus, Meiji Gakuin University


【Languages】:Japanese, English

*The proceeding will basically be in Japanese.No “simultaneous translation” will be provided.

【Speaker】:Professor Kevin Paul Clements (Chair and Director, The National Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies, University of Otago)

【Panelists】:Koichi Nakano (Professor, Sophia University)

Masaru Tamamoto(ex editorial writer, The New York Times/Lecturer (part-time),Meiji Gakuin University)

【Moderator】:Takao Takahara(Director, PRIME/Professor, Meiji Gakuin University)

★Free admission ★The application is not required.

Hosted by International Peace Research Institute, Meiji Gakuin University (PRIME)


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