Feature: Children, Anti-War and Okinawa in “War against Terror”

Language: (J): Japanese, (E): English

Feature: Children, Anti-War and Okinawa in “War against Terror”
①Okinawa: the Islands of Military Bases
The Constitution vis-à-vis Okinawa ― the Islands of Military Bases: Eroded Human Rights and Aspirations for Peace MATSUMOTO, Tsuyoshi(J)
A comment on Mr Matsumoto’s Report: Journalism, Academism, Two “Isms” TAKAHARA, Takao(J)
②“War against Terror” and Japan
What is Happening in Afghanistan? ― A Fresh Look at the Afghanistan War and the War against Terror TANIYAMA, Hiroshi(J)
Japan’s International Contributions:
Article 9 as an Alternative to the Militarization of International Response
NAHORY, Celine(E)
The “Pacific” Century – In Its True Sense? JOYCE, Meredith(E)
③Children and Armed Conflict: Case of Afghanistan and Palestine
Afghan Children and the Situation of Afghanistan ― Where is Afghan’s Hope?― TANIYAMA, Yuuko(J)
Palestinian Children and “War against Terror” TANAKA, Yoshiko(J)
Children and Armed Conflict SAWA, Nagayo(J)


Article 9 in Global Context
The Script for Peace in the 21st century -Article 9 from the Perspective of the Business World- SHINAGAWA, Masaji(E)
Insecurity in an Interconnected World KATSUMATA, Makoto(E)
“Ethnic Minority Tourism” in Taiwan ― the Present Situation and Issues AKEO, Shigeki(J)
“Money” of the North and “Community” of the South-Latin America at the Crossroads TOUSSAINT, Eric and ZACOTTO, Cesar(J)
Book Review
The French “République” and I: Reflections upon Post-War Democracy in Japan and France SUN, Zhan Kun(J)