Feature: Article 9 in the World

Language: (J): Japanese, (E): English

Reflections on Japanese Constitution Crossing Generations and Borders KATSUMATA, Makoto(J),(E)


Feature: Article 9 in the World
From the Perspectives of Asia, Africa and Latin America
From the Costa Rican Perspective: Article 9’s Potential for World Peace ZAMORA BOLAÑOS, Luis Roberto(J),(E)
Japan’s “Peace Constitution” and South Korea AKIZUKI, Nozomi(J),(E)
The Treasure of Our Country: The Pride We Can Hand Down to the Next Generations TSUTSUMI, Mika(J),(E)
Article 9 of the Japanese Constitution: A Hidden Asset of Diplomacy and its Significance in World History NAGHIZADEH, Mohammad(J),(E)
Japan and the Global Stability: Viewed by an Overseas Vietnamese TAKASAKI, My Doan(J),(E)
Analyzing Violence and Poverty in the World from the Perspective of the International Order Advocated in Article 9: The Significance of Article 9 in the Era of Globalization MATATA, J.P. Mukengeshayi(J),(E)
From the Okinawan Perspective
Constitutional Pacifism in Japan and Okinawa TAKASAKU, Masahiro(J),(E)
Does Living Near an SDF Base Make One Safe? YOSHIHARA, Isao(J),(E)
As a Global Citizen
Why look at Article 9 in a Global Context?: From the Experience of Peace Boat YOSHIOKA, Tatsuya(J),(E)
Global Peace and NGO’s Working in the Field of International Cooperation KUMAOKA, Michiya(J),(E)
“Article 9” in the Hands of Multitude SAKURAI, Hitoshi(J),(E)
What Appeal Should We Make to the World?: The Resolution of Postwar Japan and the Significance of Pacifism and Disarmament MARUYAMA, Shigetake(J),(E)
From the perspective of Law
From the Perspective of the History of International Law SUN, Zhan Kun(J),(E)
The “Universal” Nature of the Pacifism Expressed in the Constitution of Japan OKADA, Nobuhiro(J),(E)
Article 9 in our Hands
Toward a Movement That Seeks a Balance between Reason and Desires/ Emotion SAKUMA, Tomoko(J),(E)
“Rescuing” Article 9 of the Constitution of Japan HASHIMOTO, Toshio(J),(E)
Ashamed to Face the Constitution HARA, Hiroyuki(J),(E)
The Personal Significance of Article 9 KATSUMATA, Makoto(J),(E)
Overview of the Plenary at PRIME International Symposium on “Article 9 in the Global Context” 2007 TAKEO, Shigeki(J),(E)