Feature: Creating the “Commons” among the East Asia: Asian Community by the People

Language: (J): Japanese, (E): English

“What World Are We Preparing?” KATSUMATA, Makoto(J)


Feature: Creating the “Commons” among the East Asia: Asian Community by the People
The Peace and Public Space in East Asia: The Possibilities of Civil Society NISHIKAWA, Jun(J)
A Perspective on East Asia’s Future: Joint Japan-Korea Civil Society Activities for Peace and Reconciliation KUSHIBUCHI, Mari(J)
Signification and Perspective of the History Which Opens Future: Modern and Contemporary History of East Asia’s Three Countries SAITO, Kazuharu(J)
Japan, China and Korea as an Environmental Community: Global Environmental Conservation and Issues in Asian Regions TERANISHI, Sun’ichi(J)
Towards Establishment an East-Asian Community: EU Lessons Tell Us the Importance of the Formation of a Regional Identity ABE, Nozomu(J)
Creating the Commons among the East Asia Community by the People MOREL, Bernard(F),(J)
Is a Southeast Asian Commons Viable? MALAY, Jr. Armand(E),(J)
Plenary Session: The Future Vision of Asian Community by the People YOSHIHARA, Isao(J)
Taking Back the “Commons” by the People: What Can We Learn from the Experience of the Citizen’s Movement in France? KOBAYASHI, Kolin(J)
The Forgotten “Hibakusha”: Japan and the World TOYOSAKI, Hiromitsu(J)
Project Report
Future Thinking: Culture and Literature in the Midst of Globalization SATO, Ayako(J)
The Futures of Diaspora EDWARDS, Brent Hayes(E)
The Present State of Iran: The Confrontational Structure at Glance NAGHIZADEH, Mohammad(J)
Book Review
Tracy Kidder, Hitoko Takesato, “Mountains beyond Mountains” ICHIKAWA, Masao(J)