Feature: War and Peace in Africa

Language: (J): Japanese, (E): English, (F): French

Reading the Context of Our Time KATSUMATA, Makoto(J),(E)
Feature: War and Peace in Africa
La Constitution de Transition et la Resolution des Conflits en Afrique:
L’example de la Repablique Democratique du Congo
MBODJ, El Hadj(F)
A Comment on Mr Mbodj’s Article HIGUCHI, Yoichi(J)
Conflicts in Africa and the Crisis in Kenya MPAAYEI, Florence(J)
A Comment on Ms Mpaayei’s Article BOMBANDE, Emmanuel(J)
Rwandan Constitution and the Genocide TAKEUCHI, Shinichi(J)
A Comment on Prof Takeuchi’s Article MBODJ, El Hadj(F)


Article 9 of the Japanese Constitution from the Viewpoint of Kant’s Perpetual Peace TERADA, Toshiro(J)
Japanese Diplomacy in Process of Establishing Japanese Government Overseas Office in Taipei ZHANG, Hong Bo(J)
Globalization and Three Crises GEORGE, Susan(J)
Financial Collapse, Systemic Crisis? AMIN, Samir(J)
Declaración de Caracas(F)
Special Report
Israel’s ‘Victories’ in Gaza Come at a Steep Price ROY, Sara(J),(E)