Feature 1: Global Citizens and Peace
Feature 2: Reconsidering the Cause of International Tension-rising in East Asia

Language: (J): Japanese, (E): English

Foreword for “Global Citizens and Peace! And “Reconsidering the Cause of Political Tensions in East Asia”
Beyond the State SUN, Zhankun (J)
Feature 1: Global Citizens and Peace
A Review on “Pacifism and “Democracy’ of Japan in the 21st Century- Fragility of the Japanese “ Civil Society” and Some Perspectives to Overcome it UEMURA, Hideaki (J)
Line, Disconnection, Network and Spire-A case Study About the Travel of a Man with Autism Toward the Reformation of the World INOSE, Kohei (J)
Japanese Volunteer Workers and Foreign in Japan in Reconstruction of Fukushima Under the Flag of “ Together as One Japan” NAKATA, Hideki (J)
Organic Farming in Japan: Past, Present and Future-Reconsideration from the Perspective of Community Building OGUCHI, Kota (J)
Feature 2: Reconsidering the Cause of International Tension-rising in East Asia
Prospects for Denuclearization in Northeast Asia and Policy of Russia Alexander NIKITIN (E)
Historical Context of Postwar Chinese Peace Diplomacy Toward Japan ZHANG, Hongbo (J)
Historical Perception as an Issue of “Emotions and Values”: For Peace Education in East Asia ISHIDA Ryuji (J)
An Interview with Professor AKIZUKI, Nozomi: Implication of Territorial Issue in East Asia Interviewers: SUN, Zhankun and CHONG, Yong-Hwan (J)
Book Reviews
Von HIPPEL, Frank, Translation by TAKUBO, Masafumi,
Managing Spent Fuel from Nuclear Power Reactors: Ending Reprocessing in Japan, Godoshuppan, 2014
OKAMOTO, Ryoji (J)
CHIBA, Shin, Federalism and Cosmopolitanism-Thought, Movement and Perspectives for Institutionalization, Fukosha, 2014 KATANO, Atsuhiro (J)