Feature1: Inhumanity of Chemical and Nuclear Weapons
Feature2: Will Peacebuilding Bring Peace?

Language: (J): Japanese, (E): English

TAKEO, Shigeki(J)
Declaration Concerning the Great East Japan Earthquake(J)(E)
Feature1: Inhumanity of Chemical and Nuclear Weapons
Casualities of Chemical Warfare in Iran: Response of Iranian Civil Society to the Tragedy KHATERI, MD Shahriar(E)
Forgotten in the Fallout of the Hiroshima Bombing: The Poison Gas Program on Okunoshima YAMAUCHI, Masayuki; YAMAUCHI, Shizuyo(J)
Feature2: Will Peacebuilding Bring Peace?
”People’s Revolution in the Middle East” and International Aid to Palestinians: The Setback of the Initiative of “Corridor for Peace and Prosperity” and the Emergence of New Civil Solidarity YAKUSHIGE, Yoshihiro(J)
A Report from Afganistan: How Do We Need to Face Afganistan?- HASEBE, Takatoshi(J)
The Study of Peace Building by Civil Society SHIMOSAWA, Takashi(J)
”Peacebuilding” by the States for the States: Reviewing from Citizens’ Point of View? FUJIOKA, Mieko(J)
Research Note
A Perspective on the Attitudinal Study of Collective Happiness AOYAGI, Hiroshi(E)(J)
Unobserved Trafficking in Persons: Complex Vulnerability of Former Victims of Trafficking SAITO, Yuriko(J)
Method of Street: Toward the Creation of Subsistence in a Controlled Society INOSE, Kohei(J)
Book Review
Uno Theory and the American Capitalism, by BABA, Hiroji NAKAYAMA, Hiromasa(J)
Project Report