Feature: Thoughts on Peace

Language: (J): Japanese, (E): English

University and War KATSUMATA, Makoto(J)(E)
Feature: Thoughts on Peace
Foreword for ”Thoughts on Peace” SUN, Zhan Kun(J)
Peace and War for Two Muslims: Osama Bin Laden and Fethullah Gülen OKAWA, Reiko(J)
Economic Thoughts and Peace: Smith, Polanyi and Keynes’s Visions for Peace LEE, Sangbec(J)
To Be or Not to Be Liberal: Stanly Hoffmann on Liberalism KURODA, Toshiro(J)
Concepts and Issues of Peace in Christianity KATANO, Atsuhiro(J)
An Interview with Setsuko TSUNEOKA: Japan’s “Peace Constitution” Interviewers: SUN, Zhan Kun and TAKAHARA, Takao(J)
When were the Female Peasants Going?: Wondering Subjects of “Sankai-ni-ie-nashi (None of the Three Realms of Existence: the Past, Present and Future)” in the Post-War Democratization Period. NAKATA, Hidek(J)
Book Review
KATSUMATA, Makoto. ”A New Introduction to Contemporary Africa: People’s Africa on Move” MATSUSHIMA, Yasukatsu(J)
FUJIOKA,Mieko., NAKANO,Kenji., and KOSHIDA, Kiyokazu.(eds).”Rethinking ‘International Cooperation’: Beyond Development and Peacebuilding” KATSUMATA, Makoto(J)
CHONG, Yong-hwan.”The Precipitous Road to Independence: Five Years’ History of Koreans in Japan After the Colonial Liberation” AKIZUKI, Nozomi(J)
NAKATA, Hideki.”Indigeneous People as ‘Men of Maize’ and Nation People as ‘Men of Coffee” INOSE, Kohei(J)