Feature: The Power of Peace Research

Language: (J): Japanese, (E): English

Feature: Agenda of Peace Research
Peace Research and the Future in the Past SAKAMOTO, Yoshikazu(J)
A Message to Young People who Work on Peace Research ASAI, Motofumi(J)
On Peace Research NAKAYAMA, Hiromasa(J)


No to Nuclear Energy TOYODA, Toshiyuki(J),(E)
On Late Professor Toshiyuki Toyoda KUMAMOTO, Kazuki(J)
“A Man of Justice”: In Memory of Professor Toshiyuki Toyoda TAKAHARA, Takao(J)
Feature: The Power of Peace Research
Human Security and Solidarity Economy MUSHANOKOJI, Kinhide(J)
Placing the Reproductive Sphere at the Centre of Economy SAKUMA, Tomoko(J)
On the Social Co-operative in Italy SATOU, Hiroki(J)
Media and Civil Movements SAKURAI, Hitoshi(J)
Asian Nuclear and Peace Issues: The Relations between Iran, America and Japan at a Glance NAGHIZADEH, Mohammad(J)
Culture as a Right and History to be Shared: The Age of Globalization and Multi-Cultural and Multi-Ethnic Society in Japan UMEHARA, Hideaki(J)
A Political Strategy seen between the UN’s “Peace-Building” and the US’s “Nation-Building”-Towards Reviewing the Concept of “Peace-Building” in Japan UMEHARA, Hideaki(J)
Narratives of an Assailant and Reconciliation between Japan and China after World War Ⅱ: What Kind of Repentance can be Accepted by Victims? ZHANG, Hong Bo(J)
Korean Language―South and North― AKIZUKI, Nozomi(J)


Book Review
“Peace Maker” by Dong-won Im AKIZUKI, Nozomi(J)